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Bob Cash
Re: Good job ! Bob and Casey
Wed Aug 1, 2018 11:57

Thank you Tom and Robert. To those that don't know what you are talking about, it's explained in the link below. Just have to say that I am extremely proud to join those (to quote a post below) "political ass kissers" Parsons and DeMattos and others that have been recognized by the WWHA. If the author of the "ass kissers" quote would publish one sourced article or book on James or Morgan Earp there is no way he could be denied the highest award given by every Western history group, but he prefers to stand outside the tent pissing in.

  • Good job ! Bob and Casey (nm)Robert Buckley, Mon Jul 30 08:01
    • Re: Good job ! Bob and Casey — Bob Cash, Wed Aug 1 11:57
      • Re: Good job ! Bob and Casey Bob Cash, Wed Aug 1 14:03
        Sorry about the bad language in my post. I thought I had deleted the last sentence but apparently not. Here's a link to the article itself:
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