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Ben Harleman
Re: Ask if anyone knows "Jumbo" Cantwell.
Wed Aug 1, 2018 17:51

Man, where do you come up with these obscure tidbits? Great topic though. I knew the brothers Earp had been to Tacoma, but it seems there's always new info to go along with that. I was curious to see if there was any connection between this Cantwell and our local politician (Maria Cantwell), but it seems she grew up in Indiana and didn't move out here until 1983 or something. Figured it was a longshot, but still a fun thought.

Next time James comes up to visit Seattle you need to come along and guide a tour of all the key locations around Pioneer Square and Tacoma.

Not sure what kind of crowd will be at this gathering; it's pretty small to begin with and I haven't been there in several years, but this would make for a great conversation topic if any get going. Here's hoping.


  • Ask if anyone knows "Jumbo" Cantwell.K.t.K., Tue Jul 31 15:38
    This interesting bruiser ranged from Portland to Tacoma to Seattle and later Spokane. He would serve as professional bodyguard to boss gamblers, such as Harry Morgan at Tacoma.... more
    • Re: Ask if anyone knows "Jumbo" Cantwell. — Ben Harleman, Wed Aug 1 17:51
    • Oops, wrong one.K.t.K., Tue Jul 31 15:42 more
      • Couldn't pass up this little nugget...Ben Harleman, Wed Aug 1 18:05
        Chief of Police Mart Dillon. Was this the brother of renowned lawman Matt Dillon, a la the Bart Maverick to James Garner's Brett Marverick?
        • I guess "Jumbo" outed Dillon in 91K.t.K., Sat Aug 4 16:44
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