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Steve Gatto
Marriage of H. F. Sills
Sun Aug 5, 2018 05:09

I've been reviewing past discussions regarding H. F. Sills on this board for an article about H. F. Sills that I am preparing. While reviewing some of the posts, I read one of Bob Cash's posts about H. F. Sills' marriage to Carrie Fanning in Las Vegas, New Mexico, during August 1881. The following is an excerpt from the records for the First Presbyterian Church of Las Vegas, circa 1881:

Name of Man - H. F. Sills
Name of Woman - (appears to be an abbreviation for Miss before the name) Carrie Fanning
His Residence Las Vegas
Her Residence - Las Vegas
Date of Marriage - August 25, 1881
Name of Witnesses - A. H. Perras & wife - Mr. Richmond

The record confirms the information in the newspaper that was previously found and pointed out on this board.

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