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Peter Love
Good find, Bob (nm)
Mon Aug 13, 2018 16:06

  • Earp tells Clum Tom Mc Unarmed?Bob Cash, Mon Aug 13 09:54
    • knowledge aforehand?...Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 06:42
      So Mr. Clum tells us that Wyatt told him RIGHT AFTER THE FIGHT that he knew Tom McLaury was not armed. Clum knew this, then, before the Hearing and yet still backed those men in his paper. What does... more
      • another interesting point...-Joyce..., Thu Aug 16 06:30
        I am always surprised by the adoration of Wyatt Earp by Mr. Clum. When Earp described to Clum what took place at the gunfight, it is appalling that Clum is not shocked by the braggadocio attitude of... more
      • Re: knowledge aforehand?...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 07:16
        Joyce, I was just about to make inquiries about your well-being since you hadn't jumped on this like a duck on a June bug. I see you are fine and still full of "expletive deleted" and vinegar. Your... more
        • Hello there, Bob!Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 13:20
          So nice to connect up with you once again. However, I think we are talking about interpretation here, don't you think? "Afterward" certainly has the connotation of 'not long after' or even pretty... more
          • Re: Hello there, Bob!Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 14:24
            Just think, Joyce, you could tell them what good hearted, hard working, fun loving guys Ike and the boys were. They both like history museums and I try to give them both sides of a story (or 3 or 4)... more
            • Bob/fear not...Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 17:02
              Hi Bob, Not for a moment would I attempt to disillusion the boys with contradictory accounts. You and I can argue each other till dawn but the boys' understanding of their grandpa's wonderful stories ... more
    • Interesting Piece..Randie O'Neal, Tue Aug 14 02:57
      Bob, et al. Since this is an excerpted piece in the Honolulu paper, apparently from Harry Carr of the Los Angeles Times, it would be to find the original piece from that paper. As for interesting... more
      • I thought so..Randie O'Neal, Tue Aug 14 03:14 Los Angeles Times, 26 April 1931, Los Angeles Times Magazine, pages 11 and 16 respectively.
    • Good find, Bob (nm) — Peter Love, Mon Aug 13 16:06
      • AgreeBob Paul, Tue Aug 14 08:20
        I agree, good find. Although the recollections appear a little suspect IMHO, I find the mention of "oil man E.L. Doheny" muckin' around of particular parochial interest. Seems ol' Ed Doheny got... more
        • Article out of context ?Pat Mulligan , Tue Aug 14 14:50
          I think the article may be a little out of context.If you read Clum"s statement it seems as if it was spoken to IKE directly. Check the quotation marks and the statement following, Ike got out... more
          • Re: Article out of context ?Steve Gatto, Thu Aug 16 09:34
            Several prosecution witnesses, including Allen, Behan, Claiborne, and Clanton stated that Tom McLowry opened his labels of his coat and said, I got no arms or something very similar. Ike told Behan... more
            • Re: Article out of context ?Peter Love, Fri Aug 17 18:49
              Steve Maybe the old guys did not obsess over the minutiae of this gunfight like we do, even though they were there for the whole drama. Still this reads to me like final confirmation for the doubters ... more
              • Re: Article out of context ?Steve Gatto, Sat Aug 18 06:42
                Peter, John Clum’s recollection was made decades after the gunfight so caution must be used when using his comments, like any old-timer's account, but at least he was provably in Tombstone at the... more
          • Re: Article out of context ?Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 18:10
            Pat, you wrote: "I think the article may be a little out of context.If you read Clum"s statement it seems as if it was spoken to IKE directly. Check the quotation marks and the statement following,... more
            • RE : Bob CashPat Mulligan, Wed Aug 15 04:19
              I will have to review the testimony . My memory is getting faulty. Thanks for refresher. Possible the quote came from The Epitaph or the Nugget ?
              • Re: RE : Bob CashBob Cash, Wed Aug 15 09:48
                Pat, I was kind of surprised when I looked at the Turner version and did not find Ike or Wyatt recalling any words said by Ike as he was struggling with Wyatt after grabbing him. My memory is not... more
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