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Bob/fear not...
Tue Aug 14, 2018 17:02

Hi Bob,
Not for a moment would I attempt to disillusion the boys with contradictory accounts. You and I can argue each other till dawn but the boys' understanding of their grandpa's wonderful stories are sacred.

I think Clum's memory was fading or he liked to colour things up a bit. According to testimony, Wyatt only said those words to Ike and actually spoke no words to Tom.

As Ike skedaddled out through the doorway and subsequently the hallway of the boarding house, shots were fired after him, by Ike's word and the word of one other witness. (Don't want to look it up.) As Doc was busy with Frank in the street, Morgan was shooting at Billy as was Virgil according to his words, that means that Wyatt had to be the one shooting after the unarmed Ike and also shooting at his back! Wyatt is not coming out of this very well, despite his favoured version.

According to several witnesses, Tom was shot immediately a second after he held his vest open and announced he had no guns. Billy's horse was on the other side of Billy and probably, being only ground-tied, took off toward the back of the alley with the first shots. Tom had no time to attempt reaching for a rifle on anyone's horse. His buckshot wound, according to the coroner, was along his right side, damaging a little part of the upper arm inside. That suggests to me that when he saw Frank get shot and then saw the shotgun coming up he tried to turn to his left to get away and likely, as almost anyone would under those circumstances, raised his arm to protect his face, and thus was shot right under the raised arm and wounded down the ribcage. We all automatically raise an arm up to protect ourselves when we see any danger coming.

However Clum recalled the account, either him or Wyatt got the story confused, coloured, or Wyatt lied on the stand. That's my take.

Best regards,

  • Re: Hello there, Bob!Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 14:24
    Just think, Joyce, you could tell them what good hearted, hard working, fun loving guys Ike and the boys were. They both like history museums and I try to give them both sides of a story (or 3 or 4)... more
    • Bob/fear not... — Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 17:02
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