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Bob Cash
Re: Article out of context ?
Tue Aug 14, 2018 18:10

Pat, you wrote:
"I think the article may be a little out of context.If you read Clum"s statement it seems as if it was spoken to IKE directly. Check the quotation marks and the statement following, Ike got out Quickly.
Then the subject switches to Tom going for the rifle being shot by Holliday.
2 different actions.
Also the verbiage in regard to McClowery saying"I got no gun" sounds very similar to Ike and Wyatt testimony at the hearing except it being attributed to Ike instead of Mclowery"

As far as Wyatt's supposed statement "Get to fighting or get out", Clum's description that it was aimed at both Ike and Tom seems to be a misinterpretsation of Wyatt's meaning. In none of his public statements did Wyatt ever say he said this to both Tom and Ike, but only to Ike.

However, a quick look at the Turner version of the hearing manuscript indicates that neither Wyatt nor Ike testified that Ike said anything when he grabbed and struggled with Wyatt. Clum knew the seriousness of the charge that Tom was unarmed and the import of Wyatt quoting Tom's exclamation that he was unarmed (something also claimed by several prosecution witnesses).

The scenario in which Doc shot Tom as he attempted to get the rifle from the scabbard on the horse first appeared in print in TOMBSTONE by Walter Noble Burns in 1929. In the 48 years since the street fight no one had claimed that particular circumstance. In his research Burns had spoken to both Wyatt and Billy Breakenridge, whose book HELLDORADO had come out in 1928. Could Wyatt have told Burns the same thing he told Clum at some point? Of course nothing like this could have come from Breakenridge...or could it?

While Burns was the first to describe Tom being shot as he tried to reach the rifle, there was an earlier description of the fight in which Tom tries to get the weapon after he has already been shot while trying to surrender. In his 1927 magazine article also entitled Helldorado, author William MacLeod Rain wrote, "Tom McLaury clung to the horn of his saddle to keep from falling while he tried to unstrap a rifle fastened there." Where could Raine have gotten this idea? Billy Breakenridge was Raine's chief source for the Tombstone happenings? Could one of the participants in the street fight, all of whom Breakenridge knew, have told him this version of Tom attempting to get the rifle?

The only thing we will ever know for certain about Tom and the street fight are that he was shot by Doc Holliday with a shotgun and that, because of the nature of his wounds, he could not have been shot in the manner described by all prosecution witnesses that he was facing the city police posse with his hands on his lapels holding his coat or vest open. The best two explanations for his wounds are that he received them as he turned to run away or that was shot while attempting to access a rifle from a scabbard on the horse. Still, it is tantalizing that around the 50th anniversary of the street fight, three writers, Karr, Burns and Raine, all of whom had direct contact with Wyatt or contemporaries of his, all describe, in various ways, Tom attempting to get that rifle.

  • Article out of context ?Pat Mulligan , Tue Aug 14 14:50
    I think the article may be a little out of context.If you read Clum"s statement it seems as if it was spoken to IKE directly. Check the quotation marks and the statement following, Ike got out... more
    • Re: Article out of context ?Steve Gatto, Thu Aug 16 09:34
      Several prosecution witnesses, including Allen, Behan, Claiborne, and Clanton stated that Tom McLowry opened his labels of his coat and said, I got no arms or something very similar. Ike told Behan... more
      • Re: Article out of context ?Peter Love, Fri Aug 17 18:49
        Steve Maybe the old guys did not obsess over the minutiae of this gunfight like we do, even though they were there for the whole drama. Still this reads to me like final confirmation for the doubters ... more
        • Re: Article out of context ?Steve Gatto, Sat Aug 18 06:42
          Peter, John Clum’s recollection was made decades after the gunfight so caution must be used when using his comments, like any old-timer's account, but at least he was provably in Tombstone at the... more
    • Re: Article out of context ? — Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 18:10
      • RE : Bob CashPat Mulligan, Wed Aug 15 04:19
        I will have to review the testimony . My memory is getting faulty. Thanks for refresher. Possible the quote came from The Epitaph or the Nugget ?
        • Re: RE : Bob CashBob Cash, Wed Aug 15 09:48
          Pat, I was kind of surprised when I looked at the Turner version and did not find Ike or Wyatt recalling any words said by Ike as he was struggling with Wyatt after grabbing him. My memory is not... more
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