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another interesting point...-
Thu Aug 16, 2018 06:30

I am always surprised by the adoration of Wyatt Earp by Mr. Clum. When Earp described to Clum what took place at the gunfight, it is appalling that Clum is not shocked by the braggadocio attitude of the story-teller.

For example, when Wyatt told about this happening; "...McLaury ran to his horse for a gun and was BLOWN TO BITS by Doc Holliday's shotgun..." Holliday knew Tom was not armed, and Tom certainly did not RUN anywhere from where he was standing. Doc shot an unarmed, defenseless man who had threatened no one, had done nothing wrong to anyone in town, and had no criminal charges of any kind against him, and in the telling Wyatt's terminology smacks of bragging! And then Clum proudly relates this. Mr. Clum does not come out looking very good at all.


  • knowledge aforehand?...Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 06:42
    So Mr. Clum tells us that Wyatt told him RIGHT AFTER THE FIGHT that he knew Tom McLaury was not armed. Clum knew this, then, before the Hearing and yet still backed those men in his paper. What does... more
    • another interesting point...- — Joyce..., Thu Aug 16 06:30
    • Re: knowledge aforehand?...Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 07:16
      Joyce, I was just about to make inquiries about your well-being since you hadn't jumped on this like a duck on a June bug. I see you are fine and still full of "expletive deleted" and vinegar. Your... more
      • Hello there, Bob!Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 13:20
        So nice to connect up with you once again. However, I think we are talking about interpretation here, don't you think? "Afterward" certainly has the connotation of 'not long after' or even pretty... more
        • Re: Hello there, Bob!Bob Cash, Tue Aug 14 14:24
          Just think, Joyce, you could tell them what good hearted, hard working, fun loving guys Ike and the boys were. They both like history museums and I try to give them both sides of a story (or 3 or 4)... more
          • Bob/fear not...Joyce..., Tue Aug 14 17:02
            Hi Bob, Not for a moment would I attempt to disillusion the boys with contradictory accounts. You and I can argue each other till dawn but the boys' understanding of their grandpa's wonderful stories ... more
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