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Peter Love
Re: Article out of context ?
Fri Aug 17, 2018 18:49


Maybe the old guys did not obsess over the minutiae of this gunfight like we do, even though they were there for the whole drama.

Still this reads to me like final confirmation for the doubters that Tom M did not have a pistol. Furthermore it seems this was said before shots were fired which tends to support a theory I have leant toward, that the first shots were Morgan with a nickel-plated pistol and Doc with the shotgun at Tom (the man with the horse?). Just like that reliable witness Bill Allen said (Hi Bob).

  • Re: Article out of context ?Steve Gatto, Thu Aug 16 09:34
    Several prosecution witnesses, including Allen, Behan, Claiborne, and Clanton stated that Tom McLowry opened his labels of his coat and said, I got no arms or something very similar. Ike told Behan... more
    • Re: Article out of context ? — Peter Love, Fri Aug 17 18:49
      • Re: Article out of context ?Steve Gatto, Sat Aug 18 06:42
        Peter, John Clum’s recollection was made decades after the gunfight so caution must be used when using his comments, like any old-timer's account, but at least he was provably in Tombstone at the... more
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