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Steve Gatto
Re: Article out of context ?
Sat Aug 18, 2018 06:42


John Clum’s recollection was made decades after the gunfight so caution must be used when using his comments, like any old-timer's account, but at least he was provably in Tombstone at the time and no doubt had interaction with Wyatt Earp. Thus, if John Clum's comments are accurate, albeit somewhat confused, they show not only that Tom McLaury was unarmed during the gunfight but also that Wyatt Earp knew this before he read out loud his statement at the preliminary hearing. In his statement, Wyatt commented that he “believed that he (Tom) was armed and (Tom) fired two shots at our party before Holliday, who had a shotgun, fired and killed him.” Moreover, Clum’s comment that Wyatt knew Tom was unarmed undermines Virgil Earp’s testimony that at the start of the gunfight, Tom failed to get the Winchester rifle on the horse, and then (Tom) ‘threw his hand back [shows the motion]” and “fired once, if not twice, over the horses back.” And not only does Clum’s recollection rebut the assertions made by Wyatt and Virgil, but Clum’s comments also support the testimony of several prosecution witnesses who testified that Tom stated he had no gun - a comment made by Tom during the gunfight that Wyatt completely omitted from his statement.

Personally, I believe that the totality of the evidence shows that Morgan and Doc (or possibly Wyatt) fired the first two shots, and that Doc’s first shot was from a pistol.

  • Re: Article out of context ?Peter Love, Fri Aug 17 18:49
    Steve Maybe the old guys did not obsess over the minutiae of this gunfight like we do, even though they were there for the whole drama. Still this reads to me like final confirmation for the doubters ... more
    • Re: Article out of context ? — Steve Gatto, Sat Aug 18 06:42
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