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Kansas Sage
Sat Aug 18, 2018 09:48

Bob, you and I both know that Roger Myers held close to the vest a few things that the WWs never knew about. I know of a couple items still not published today.
But I'm resting assured that Roger - never a fan of Earp(s) - would be pleased with all the dirt I've dug up on Virge and Minnie (a.k.a. Alvira) at Omaha and Council Bluffs, what with their five cumulative arrests found thus far.


  • Roger MyersBob Cash, Fri Aug 17 15:45
    Looking for something in the search engine on this site today, I found something I totally missed at the time - a message from the long lamented missing Sage of Larned. Since there was also no... more
    • Kansas Sage — K.t.K., Sat Aug 18 09:48
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