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Pat Mulligan
Joyce Found it
Fri Aug 24, 2018 07:45

The pages were stuck together. Need to do better search next time before bothering people

  • Joyce ?Pat Mulligan, Fri Aug 24 07:34
    Joyce Thanks for your response. My copy of of the book you reference does not include the diagram used in the courtroom . Perhaps you or someone could post it for me? Thanks in advance
    • Pat/good work....Joyce..., Fri Aug 24 13:14
      Hello Pat, Sounds like some of your books are in the same condition as mine. Maybe its better not to eat while reading? Thought I might mention too the inside cover of Turner's 'Inquest' book has the ... more
      • Joyce Behan Testimony Pat Mulligan, Sat Aug 25 03:30
        split coffee. My last habit came back to bite me. @ questions on Behans testimony. I am trying to reconcile where he was at the start of the gunfight. I still wonder whether he was behind the Earps... more
        • Pat/Behan's testimony...Joyce..., Sat Aug 25 07:31
          Pat, Behan was pretty clear, I think, though a lot tend to ignore him because he is Behan. That is unfortunate. Johnny said that when he approached the posse, they ignored him and brushed past him.... more
          • Behan testimony / JoycePat Mulligan, Sun Aug 26 04:43
            Since Behan,the Prosecutors nor Defense raised any objections to the diagram they must have believed it was accurate. So I will stay with what was presented, with one exception. I think Virgil... more
            • Pat/further examination...Joyce..., Sun Aug 26 17:40
              Pat, Disagreement is what keeps this board going. If we all agreed, what would be left to examine? However, opposing viewpoints should never bring about animosity, I am sure you agree, and sometimes... more
              • Behan testimony / JoycePat Mulligan, Mon Aug 27 05:01
                Joyce The right would have to reference from Behan's point of view.So since we both agree that it was the second from right, that would would eliminate Holliday as firing the first shot, since he was ... more
                • Way out observation.Bob Paul, Mon Aug 27 09:41
                  Nice exchange, folks. Just a waaaay out observation/perspective on "diagrams" and "weaponry". How does all this fit with the diagram by Wyatt/Flood exposed at the 2004 Gilchriese collection auction... more
                  • Bob/good point...Jouce..., Mon Aug 27 10:11
                    That is why I pay little attention to the diagrams. They all seem to be flawed to some degree. I would rather go inch by inch over the testimony of people who were there at the time. Sometime a... more
                • Behan TestimonySteve Gatto, Mon Aug 27 09:41
                  Pat, There are at least two reasons why John Behan’s testimony does not support Wyatt’s statement of how the gunfight started. First, Behan testified that the Earp party fired the first two shots of... more
                  • Re Steve Gatto Pat Mulligan, Wed Aug 29 05:27
                    t being said Behan point of view would have been from his right. Since he was fixed on the NP pistol, if the second shot was fired from Billy C. he may have missed only seeing the second shot from... more
                    • Pat/Holliday's position?...Joyce..., Wed Aug 29 06:49
                      Why would you think Doc Holliday was always on the end? He never stopped moving. His first move,described by witnesses, was to approach Frank, right away. He jabbed Frank in the belly with his pistol ... more
    • Joyce Found it — Pat Mulligan, Fri Aug 24 07:45
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