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George Hearst connection to Wyatt..
Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:36

I found the connection back in 2014 when I was doing research on Nevada. Not sure if I kept that information. I have to go over my files, if I find it I will pass it on. Same with Doheny in doing research I came across papers saying that Doheny struck out as a miner in Tombstone, moved to LA where a wagon full of soil with oil dripping out. Dohney by chance saw the wagon, spoke with the driver to determine where he picked up the load, the rest is history. Again I will be going over my notes. I don't know if I have this information I was not interested in Edward Doheny. It was just the connection to Tombstone that caught my attention.

A person from Tombstone, came back to LA. I believe he owned one of the hotels in Tombstone. It was either the Biltmore or Hotel Figueroa that he build in central Los Angeles. Wyatt knew him. I will go to the old cemetery archives to see if I can locate the man.

As far as the "brace Fargo game, The Gene Autry Museum has some information in their research section, not much at least 8 years ago. I will recontact them.

I always thought Wyatt was hired to protect Wm Hearst, now who it was but the connection to the Hearst family is establish for what happened in Mexico, in 1911.
I thank you I will do my homework.
Guys I aways tell people that history is fluid. You uncover something (a new finding) and its an instant change with a big WOW!, one way or the other. Thanks you

Randy King

  • Can't think of any with good reputations.K.t.K., Wed Aug 29 09:49
    Can't find Doheny in Arizona when the Earps were there. What would your source be for Wyatt being bodyguard to George Hearst? The mining mogul was not connected with Los Angeles, but always... more
    • Re: Can't think of any with good reputations.Bob Cash, Wed Aug 29 12:20
      Kenny, I've tried but been unable to establish whether Wyatt's partner in the 1911 brace game con was Death Valley Scotty. Same name, Walter Scott, but I haven't found anything to indicate it was the ... more
      • Purely circumstancial evidence.K.t.K., Thu Aug 30 01:11
        Bob, what I found is compelling but not proof. Its certainly possible that two confidence men with the same name and in the same vicinity at the same time are NOT the same man. For instance, during... more
        • Dunn. . . ?Robert Buckley, Thu Aug 30 22:47
          The man that was arrested with Earp and Scott was widely reported as being named “Dunn” . The Los Angeles Daily Times , July 25 , Sept 28 , and Oct 18 , 1911 reported that Dunn’s name was actually... more
        • Re: Purely circumstancial evidence.Bob Cash, Thu Aug 30 21:41
          That is a pretty good circumstantial case for Scott being Scotty.
        • are you still there,,ktk,,,,curleybill, Thu Aug 30 21:26
          Kenny,,bro I came across some history,,,,is it true that death valley scotty,,sold the first western hot dags at the ok corral,,curly bill,,,,love bro,,,capn out....I nevvvvahhh got a book....
    • George Hearst connection to Wyatt.. —, Wed Aug 29 10:36
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