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randy king
LA Research
Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:42

Thank you so much I will try to find these individuals. The Doheny connection came from some research a few years back. I was not interested other then the Tombstone connection. Soon I must go through my files if I saved it, I will post the source

Thank you.

Randy King

  • L.A. Research.Bob Paul, Tue Aug 28 16:22
    You may want to look at Richard Gird and/or "Bad" Joe Goldwater. Others, including Annie Finley, came to SoCal. You may want to brush up on the Ed Doheny connection.
    • Carl and Albert BilickeJoe Gallagher, Wed Aug 29 10:52
      The Bilickes, father Carl and son Albert, come to mind. Carl built the Cosmopolitan hotel on Allen street. After the 1882 fire destroyed the Cosmopolitan they moved to California eventually settling... more
    • LA Research — randy king, Wed Aug 29 10:42
      • LA Research: Late to this thread.Randie O'Neal, Thu Sep 13 00:59
        Randy, It is a linkage I started to look into recently too. I went through most of the thread, but didn't see John Clum's name. He was significant in local LA circa the 20s and 30s. he made his way... more
        • LA researchRandy King, Thu Sep 13 09:39
          What little I know of Clum outside of Tombstone was that he settled in Rancho Mirage area, had a ranch. I do know he moved to LA, in 1928 and lived there for the last four years of his life. Thank... more
          • Clum/L.A.Bob Paul, Thu Sep 13 19:03
            I would hope Clum's descendant(s) , last I remember living in Santa Monica, might help some.
      • Another far out observation.Bob Paul, Wed Aug 29 11:27
        The Doheny connection is intriguing. Ed's last remaining grandchild passed away in L.A. a few years ago and received good news coverage. There was some influence from Ed and later generations here in ... more
        • Clum's papersRandie L O'Neal, Sat Sep 15 08:32
          Where are John Clum's papers? I thought somewhere back east, right?
        • interesting (nm) (nm)Randy King, Wed Aug 29 13:08
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