Randy King
I will order the book right away, thank you so much. (nm)
Wed Aug 29, 2018 19:00

  • Raymond ChandlerDaniel Buck, Wed Aug 29 16:00
    Randy, It just so happens that yesterday I started in on The Annotated Big Sleep, a heavily footnoted edition of Raymond Chandler's first novel. Wyatt Earp and Chandler's time in Los Angeles... more
    • I have the book, all 462 pages of itRandy King, Thu Sep 13 11:13
      This is going to take time to uncover any thing in reference to Earp, but if its there I will find it Regards, Randy King
      • Re: I have the book, all 462 pages of itDaniel Buck, Thu Sep 13 11:38
        Randy, I'm done & struck out on the Earp score, but it was informative. I'm now up to speed on 1920s/30s LA corruption. Dan
        • The book will still enlighten me, with my great city. I do thank you. Randy King
          • "Noir in the City of Angels"Daniel Buck, Tue Oct 16 05:22
            Randy, You might like this, Ross MacDonald, "Noir in the City of Angels," a tour of Los Angeles using crime novels as guideposts:... more
            • Playing detectiveJerry Prather, Fri Oct 19 11:51
              Dan, Glad I scrolled down the page to see this Chandler thread had sprung back to life. I never get tired of this stuff. I was a bit startled to see Ross MacDonald's name on the NY Times article! I... more
              • Re: Playing detectiveDaniel Buck, Fri Oct 19 11:59
                Jerry, I did not catch that, tho at the time I saw the piece I though, hmm, isn't Ross Macdonald dead? I guess the answer is yes and no. Speaking of puzzles, Raymond Chandler would like the board... more
            • Noir in the City if AngelsCarol Campbelll Grandmontagne, Wed Oct 17 05:27
              Actually the house over looking Los Angeles occupied by Harry Bosch is kinda the co-star of the Connelly Series...itís the eagles nest where Harry looks, ponders and solves a lot of the mysterious... more
            • Thaanks Dan!Randie O'Neal, Tue Oct 16 21:11
              I will check that out.
              • Pretty Cool.Randie O'Neal, Wed Oct 17 04:00
                I was driving back down to Sierra Vista, one Sunday night from Phoenix and caught on SIRIUS\XM rebroadcast of the 1940s radio version of Dragnet. They mentioned a lot of the old LA location names. To ... more
    • I will order the book right away, thank you so much. (nm) — Randy King, Wed Aug 29 19:00
      • Rady, The Annotated Big Sleep is a cornucopia of esoterica and factoids, the origin of the words gunsel and private dick, a precis of 1920s Los Angeles pornographic lending libraries, and references... more
        • Gonna hafta buy this bookJerry Prather, Thu Aug 30 13:23
          Dan, Over a thousand footnotes! A cornucopia of esoterica and factoids! This definitely appears to be my piece of cake(especially if it's a slice of angel food with a tarantula on top). I'm a fan of... more
          • Re: Gonna hafta buy this bookDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 18:36
            Jerry, I think you will enjoy the book. The depth and range of the three editors' knowledge enlivens the annotations, on one page quoting from Carrol John Daly's 1923 Black Mask story "Three Gun... more
        • ChandlerRandy King, Thu Aug 30 09:14
          I am fully award of Chandler and his writings, and realize that not every thing will be factual. That said 1920s is far closer to 1881 then 2018. Many people of that era were still alive including... more
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