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Purely circumstancial evidence.
Thu Aug 30, 2018 01:11

Bob, what I found is compelling but not proof. Its certainly possible that two confidence men with the same name and in the same vicinity at the same time are NOT the same man.

For instance, during the time that Earp, Scott and Dunn are out on bail between July 23 and September 27, they are free to rove about. On September 14 "Death Valley Scotty" is lurking around between San Bernardino and L. A. at the train stains trying to set up a different scam for obtaining cash.

Their last appearance in court for dismissal on lack of evidence was September 27. On October 5, "Death Valley Scotty" shows up again at San Bernardino dressed in his famous desert garb, supposedly coming from Death Valley, saying he is on his way to L. A., "to look the place over." This seems not to make sense because he is totally familiar with L. A. for many years past.

Keeping in mind that the faro scam with Earp was small potatoes in comparison to Scotty's escapades, such as the 1906 arrest and jailing, when his entire six-man gang of desert thieves were tracked down by San Berdoo County Sheriff J. C. Ralphs & posse.

However, about two weeks after the court dismissal, the San Bernardino Sun reported that on October 14 in L.A., "Walter Scott of Death Valley, who has been in the city for several days, yesterday sought the offices of the railway managers….."
There was no designation between two men named Walter Scott who had been in the news since July 22.

Incidentally for July 22 the L. A. Herald said:
"All three prisoners were placed under bonds, Earp securing his release about 3 o'clock in the afternoon when his wife, with tear-stained eyes, appeared at the jail with an attorney and bondsman. Later bail was secured for Scott and Dunn."

  • Re: Can't think of any with good reputations.Bob Cash, Wed Aug 29 12:20
    Kenny, I've tried but been unable to establish whether Wyatt's partner in the 1911 brace game con was Death Valley Scotty. Same name, Walter Scott, but I haven't found anything to indicate it was the ... more
    • Purely circumstancial evidence. — K.t.K., Thu Aug 30 01:11
      • Dunn. . . ?Robert Buckley, Thu Aug 30 22:47
        The man that was arrested with Earp and Scott was widely reported as being named “Dunn” . The Los Angeles Daily Times , July 25 , Sept 28 , and Oct 18 , 1911 reported that Dunn’s name was actually... more
      • Re: Purely circumstancial evidence.Bob Cash, Thu Aug 30 21:41
        That is a pretty good circumstantial case for Scott being Scotty.
      • are you still there,,ktk,,,,curleybill, Thu Aug 30 21:26
        Kenny,,bro I came across some history,,,,is it true that death valley scotty,,sold the first western hot dags at the ok corral,,curly bill,,,,love bro,,,capn out....I nevvvvahhh got a book....
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