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Randy King
Thu Aug 30, 2018 09:14

I am fully award of Chandler and his writings, and realize that not every thing will be factual. That said 1920s is far closer to 1881 then 2018. Many people of that era were still alive including Earp. It will be interesting to read, see what is and do some research it on a deeper level. History is fluid.

As a side note I visit used book stores in search of older material, i.e. I have a copy of a biography of Robert E. Lee published in 1915. Wow, that book lays out things I have never heard of in the way Lee fought his battles an the controls over him.
Thank you for your help and advice.


Randy King

  • Rady, The Annotated Big Sleep is a cornucopia of esoterica and factoids, the origin of the words gunsel and private dick, a precis of 1920s Los Angeles pornographic lending libraries, and references... more
    • Gonna hafta buy this bookJerry Prather, Thu Aug 30 13:23
      Dan, Over a thousand footnotes! A cornucopia of esoterica and factoids! This definitely appears to be my piece of cake(especially if it's a slice of angel food with a tarantula on top). I'm a fan of... more
      • Re: Gonna hafta buy this bookDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 18:36
        Jerry, I think you will enjoy the book. The depth and range of the three editors' knowledge enlivens the annotations, on one page quoting from Carrol John Daly's 1923 Black Mask story "Three Gun... more
    • Chandler — Randy King, Thu Aug 30 09:14
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