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Jerry Prather
Gonna hafta buy this book
Thu Aug 30, 2018 13:23


Over a thousand footnotes! A cornucopia of esoterica and factoids! This definitely appears to be my piece of cake(especially if it's a slice of angel food with a tarantula on top). I'm a fan of Chandler and love "The Big Sleep", both book and movie. If there was any doubt "a precis of 1920s Los Angeles pornographic lending libraries" finalized the deal. I will certainly be reading this in the near future.


ps:Speaking of pornographic bookstores, I could not remember where Geiger's bookstore was located. If it was in Los Angeles, Hollywood, or "Bay City"(Chandler's name for Santa Monica). I therefore, pulled out my Ballantine Books copy and saw that it was located on Las Palmas just north of Hollywood Blvd. During most of the 1980s, I parked on Las Palmas just south of Hollywood Blvd, went north, turned right, and walked about a half a block to my destination. During the last couple of days, I have been reading a book about film buffs and collectors in which this bookstore is prominently mentioned. Although it was much before my time, the book claims that store did quite an "under-the-counter" business of such naughty material, including a work by Henry Miller. I'm shocked!

A couple of weeks ago on YouTube, I watched a couple of videos that were overjoyed that for his next movie Quentin Tarantino had brought back Hollywood Blvd to look the way it did in 1968, with this landmark bookstore relocated where it used to be next to the Pussycat Theater. I thought it looked great too.

It might be the 21st century, but I think I'm somewhere else much of the time.


  • Rady, The Annotated Big Sleep is a cornucopia of esoterica and factoids, the origin of the words gunsel and private dick, a precis of 1920s Los Angeles pornographic lending libraries, and references... more
    • Gonna hafta buy this book — Jerry Prather, Thu Aug 30 13:23
      • Re: Gonna hafta buy this bookDaniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 18:36
        Jerry, I think you will enjoy the book. The depth and range of the three editors' knowledge enlivens the annotations, on one page quoting from Carrol John Daly's 1923 Black Mask story "Three Gun... more
    • ChandlerRandy King, Thu Aug 30 09:14
      I am fully award of Chandler and his writings, and realize that not every thing will be factual. That said 1920s is far closer to 1881 then 2018. Many people of that era were still alive including... more
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