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Daniel Buck
Re: Gonna hafta buy this book
Thu Aug 30, 2018 18:36

I think you will enjoy the book. The depth and range of the three editors' knowledge enlivens the annotations, on one page quoting from Carrol John Daly's 1923 Black Mask story "Three Gun Terry": My life is my own, and the opinions of others don't interest me; so don't form any, or if you do, keep them to yourself." The private dick's world view, which might be called an anti-Facebook attitude, before there was Facebook. On another page Sartre, the Coen brothers, and so on, with riffs on rain in noir Los Angeles, Charlie Chan, Louise Brooks, and Chandler's use of style in place of plot, something I had never thought about. Howard Hawks, who directed Te Big Sleep, said that "There are some things that are unexplained. You don't know who killed who or anything." Dan

  • Gonna hafta buy this bookJerry Prather, Thu Aug 30 13:23
    Dan, Over a thousand footnotes! A cornucopia of esoterica and factoids! This definitely appears to be my piece of cake(especially if it's a slice of angel food with a tarantula on top). I'm a fan of... more
    • Re: Gonna hafta buy this book — Daniel Buck, Thu Aug 30 18:36
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