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Casey Tefertiller
The other Scotty
Sat Sep 1, 2018 08:43


I had never heard of him until I ran across several articles about him when I was searching for Death Valley Scotty. The story seemed odd, since his name was Robert Pitts and not Walter Scott, and Death Valley Scotty got his nickname because his last name was Scott. If Robert Pitts had actually been the original Death Valley Scotty, I suspect they would have called him Death Valley Pitty.

  • Thanks Ken & CaseyRobert Buckley, Fri Aug 31 18:06
    I ran across that article on Robert Pitts ( the Copycat Scotty) yesterday . Iíve read several articles on Death Valley Scotty before , but have never seen anything on Pitts before . I didnít know if... more
    • The other Scotty — Casey Tefertiller, Sat Sep 1 08:43
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