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Casey Tefertiller
Re: Walter Scott . . .
Sat Sep 1, 2018 08:44

Hi Lynn,

Hope you are doing well. No, I do not know of anything recent on Death Valley Scotty. He seems like one of those figures who has not retained his fame as the years passed. When I was a kid, there were many references to him, but I cannot recall hearing any in years, outside of our history groups.

In a way, the same has happened to Buffalo Bill. How often do we hear anything about him now? Even in the 1960s and 70s, almost anyone would have know who he was. There is even a football team named after him, and I doubt most folks would know why.

Of course, we live in a time where there is probably less general interest in history than at any time in the past.

  • Walter Scott . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Fri Aug 31 17:56
    Casey: Back in the early 1970s Anne and I set the type for a book by Hank Johnston entitled “Death Valley Scotty, The Fastest Con in the West.” Since it has gone through numerous printings it must be ... more
    • Re: Walter Scott . . . — Casey Tefertiller, Sat Sep 1 08:44
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