Randy King
As ususal Kenny you have supplied me with
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:13

interesting stuff, I wondered about Wyatt role, to protect the families and Laurence, he would need a team of men, no where have I located evidence to support a team.
I do thank you for your insight and knowledge. You are indeed a superior researcher.

Randy King

  • Randy, one thing to beware of:K.t.K., Wed Sep 12 03:03
    Coming into this field I was led astray for several years by the false notion that the San Francisco Call was ant-Wyatt. Thank God I was also cursed with an obsessive compulsive disorder which... more
    • As ususal Kenny you have supplied me with — Randy King, Wed Sep 12 11:13
      • .I thought you might like to see his explanation: "I took every precaution to avoid a foul. I fought very carefully and very fair., and I waited until I could get a good opportunity to deliver a... more
        • Proper evaluation of evidence..B.J., Tue Sep 18 10:06
          1) The Fitz-Sharkey bout was not legally sanctioned. 2) It is not possible for the fight to have been "fixed" unless Fitz was also involved in the misconduct. 3) If Wyatt was actually being paid to... more
          • Totally disagree.K.t.K., Tue Sep 18 14:10
            For decades before getting into the Old West field I had become a walking encyclopedia on pro boxing. My indoctrination began as a boy (with my father) in 1954. By 1973 I was a very decent fight... more
        • thank you (nm)Randy King, Thu Sep 13 09:42
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