Randy King
yes, LA has always been corrupt though out its history
Thu Sep 13, 2018 13:01

The book will still enlighten me, with my great city. I do thank you.

Randy King

  • Re: I have the book, all 462 pages of itDaniel Buck, Thu Sep 13 11:38
    Randy, I'm done & struck out on the Earp score, but it was informative. I'm now up to speed on 1920s/30s LA corruption. Dan
    • yes, LA has always been corrupt though out its history — Randy King, Thu Sep 13 13:01
      • "Noir in the City of Angels"Daniel Buck, Tue Oct 16 05:22
        Randy, You might like this, Ross MacDonald, "Noir in the City of Angels," a tour of Los Angeles using crime novels as guideposts:... more
        • Playing detectiveJerry Prather, Fri Oct 19 11:51
          Dan, Glad I scrolled down the page to see this Chandler thread had sprung back to life. I never get tired of this stuff. I was a bit startled to see Ross MacDonald's name on the NY Times article! I... more
          • Re: Playing detectiveDaniel Buck, Fri Oct 19 11:59
            Jerry, I did not catch that, tho at the time I saw the piece I though, hmm, isn't Ross Macdonald dead? I guess the answer is yes and no. Speaking of puzzles, Raymond Chandler would like the board... more
        • Noir in the City if AngelsCarol Campbelll Grandmontagne, Wed Oct 17 05:27
          Actually the house over looking Los Angeles occupied by Harry Bosch is kinda the co-star of the Connelly Series...itís the eagles nest where Harry looks, ponders and solves a lot of the mysterious... more
        • Thaanks Dan!Randie O'Neal, Tue Oct 16 21:11
          I will check that out.
          • Pretty Cool.Randie O'Neal, Wed Oct 17 04:00
            I was driving back down to Sierra Vista, one Sunday night from Phoenix and caught on SIRIUS\XM rebroadcast of the 1940s radio version of Dragnet. They mentioned a lot of the old LA location names. To ... more
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