Proper evaluation of evidence..
Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:06

1) The Fitz-Sharkey bout was not legally sanctioned.

2) It is not possible for the fight to have been "fixed" unless Fitz was also involved in the misconduct.

3) If Wyatt was actually being paid to throw the fight? He was taking a huge risk by allowing the fight to reach the later rounds against the hard hitting Fitz. Wyatt would have had to answer big time to whomever was paying him to throw the fight if Fitz had knocked out Sharkey before the disqualification. The people making the side bets would have lost a lot of money.

4) Sharkey's 9 year delay in admitting the fight was fixed was questionable at best.

  • .I thought you might like to see his explanation: "I took every precaution to avoid a foul. I fought very carefully and very fair., and I waited until I could get a good opportunity to deliver a... more
    • Proper evaluation of evidence.. — B.J., Tue Sep 18 10:06
      • Totally disagree.K.t.K., Tue Sep 18 14:10
        For decades before getting into the Old West field I had become a walking encyclopedia on pro boxing. My indoctrination began as a boy (with my father) in 1954. By 1973 I was a very decent fight... more
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