Pat Mulligan
Doc Drunk ?
Mon Nov 5, 2018 05:58

What evidence exists that Doc Holliday was drunk or had even had a drink the day of the shootout ?

    • Docís Self MedicatiinCarol, Tue Nov 6 15:21
      While this article doesnít address the night before, it is interesting about Docís alcoholism and self medication...and the tough life of living with tuberculosis if you havenít seen it, it is... more
    • Pat/not a thing...Joyce..., Mon Nov 5 13:21
      There is no real evidence other than alcoholism that I know of. His behavior the night before seems to indicate over-imbibing, but again, I don't think any words were spoken to support that... more
      • nothing eitherPat Mulligan, Tue Nov 6 17:39
        Perhaps he was just mad at Ike. Nothing more, nothing less. That would explain hys accurate shooting on Fremont
        • reason for asking?Pat Mulligan, Thu Nov 8 15:24
          how much does it change the scenario in the confrontation between Doc and Ike the night before? If Doc was not intoxicated the does it change how he reacted at the shootout? Maybe his actions were... more
          • Pat/Doc's condition...Joyce..., Fri Nov 9 09:23
            Hello Pat, It is hard to completely charge Doc's behavior the night before as 'drunk as usual,' though it is not unlikely. However, to my mind, it appeared that Doc's attack on Ike was deliberate and ... more
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