Is the Oriental building undergoing changes?
Mon Nov 5, 2018 11:14

I was told that a new business is going in and the clothing shop is going out? Any truth?

    • bfrey/town gossip....Joyce..., Mon Nov 5 13:24
      Bruce, Town gossip says the owner of the Crystal Palace had purchased the Oriental and was planning on making it a saloon again....complete with topless dancers in both establishments! However, town... more
      • OrientalKen Dooley, Fri Nov 9 11:05
        Ignore the small town gossip. I asked RJ himself. He is leasing the Oriental building. It will not serve food or liquor. It will be a venue for old time burlesque shows. It will also be available to... more
      • Re: bfrey/town gossip....Bob Cash, Tue Nov 6 09:08
        I've always thought that if I won a large enough lottery prize, I would look into buying the Oriental and restoring it to it's original appearance and purpose. I've always thought it was a shame... more
        • would low level gambling help?bfrey, Wed Nov 7 08:29
          I was wondering if low level gambling would help bring more money to the city. Tombstone thrived on it early in its day..
        • The return of Forty Dollar Sadie ?Robert Buckley, Tue Nov 6 10:04
          Bob Cash , if this town gossip is true , Iíll bet they will feature a dancer called ď Forty Dollar Sadie ď .... Looks like a bunch of pimps moving back into Tombstone . Well , they say history... more
      • thanks...bfrey, Mon Nov 5 18:57
        Um a bar with dancing girls would be ok, topless would not fit the town nor the family vibe there?
        • Casino BarB.J., Tue Nov 6 11:31
          Many years ago there was a very popular bar on Allen Street in Tombstone which had belly dancers. Many of the belly dancers were very attractive college co-eds from various southern Arizona colleges. ... more
          • thanksbfrey, Tue Nov 6 14:31
            It will be interesting to see what happens with this proposal, I would love to have a drink in the Oriental again. Thanks for the insight.
            • The Oriental.Randie O'Neal, Thu Nov 8 00:26
              Haven't been home in over a year. Could the town support another bar? I know the Dragoon is still up for sale (don't know about the license), but that wasn't a bad place a few years back. Four Deuces ... more
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