Wyatt's actual house...
Thu Nov 8, 2018 04:18

A few years ago I had in my files some photos that were taken from the hill back of and above the post office area in 1879 and one in 1881. They showed the area where there is now a claim of Wyatt's house on the north side of Fremont street. There was no house on the property, just a small storage shed over in the corner.
Also, I used to manage the Virgil Earp B&B on the southwest corner of Fremont where Wyatt and Virgil actually did have houses. Virgil's house burned down years ago and the houses where Wyatt lived and also James lived (a third abode) were small miner's shacks dismantled untold years ago.
The owners of the property have all the documentation to establish the authenticity of these properties. I have read them all.
The owner of the "Wyatt Earp" house is the one presenting it as such. He apparently believes it. The city has no control over that situation, I believe.
Also, on the corner of First and Safford is a large house the Earp brothers had owned collectively along with other property on that corner. The house was given to Thaddeus Harris when he married Hattie Earp.
Regards, Joyce

  • Wyatt's Fremont St. HouseLucas Speer, Thu Nov 8 02:08
    I just recently visited the Wyatt Earp House in Tombstone, or at least I thought I had until I visited this excellent website. . Does anyone know... more
    • Wyatt's actual house... — Joyce..., Thu Nov 8 04:18
      • house still there?bfrey, Fri Nov 9 07:34
        Is the house at third and Safford still there?
        • Bruce/still there...Joyce..., Fri Nov 9 08:45
          The house in on First and Safford, still there and in good shape. It is a frame house. Looks more like a mid-west farm house than other houses in town. Friends of mine live in it. Next time you are... more
      • Re: Wyatt's actual house...Lucas Speer, Thu Nov 8 23:00
        Thanks Joyce! That was very insightful and interesting information and thank you very much for sharing it.
        • Lucas/and don't forget...Joyce..., Fri Nov 9 04:21
          ...when you are in Tombstone next and sitting in the Four Deuces saloon, that you are actually sitting in Addie Bourland's parlor. Her house was moved to that location some years ago. Joyce
      • The Wyatt in my post lives in California andTom Gaumer, Thu Nov 8 08:24
        is visiting in Tucson now. His most recent comment is on tree trimming and Ike's inability to do it correctly or safely. Keep Laughing Tom
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