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Illinois Kid
Was TTR canceled this year?
Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:49

I have not seen any posts about the event. Did many people attend? Anything unexpected happen? Thank you.

    • TTR 2018Chuck Smith, Sun Nov 11 08:59
      TTR was not canceled this year. In fact it was held two weeks ago, we had a record turnout this year. The schedule of events and agenda is posted at the top of this webpage. Our theme and topic was... more
      • I have always been fascinated by all those holdups and if there was any organization to them. Certainly Holliday was involved at some level I believe. He was friends with all the participants. I have ... more
        • Bfrey, what brings you to this conclusion? Randie O'Neal, Tue Nov 13 00:23
          I could see how he might have been, but how, to what extent and why? He likely had access to the schedules (most would) and given his association with the Earps, possibly detailed knowledge about the ... more
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