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  • Re: FRT Wayne Sanderson, Thu Jan 10 23:25
    Students of the history of criminology and law enforcement will tell you that this matter came to a head over a century ago and it was settled then in favor or more reliable means of identification.... more
    • Provenance, Provenance, ProvenanceGary Stover, Fri Jan 11 10:39
      There are as many mistakes made over misdiagnosed provenance as there are over mistakes made by experts examining an object. At the same time, provenance on the photo of Wyatt and Bat we've been... more
      • Re: Provenance, Provenance, ProvenanceWayne Sanderson, Fri Jan 11 21:50
        I understand the point you are making, even as you use an example that does more to make my point than yours. The provenance that tends to support the authenticity of an apparent work of an old... more
    • Re: FRT — Anonymous, Thu Jan 10 23:26
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