Jeff Morey
John Boesseneckerís Wyatt Earp Book
Sat Aug 10, 2019 14:24 is now taking pre-orders for:

ďRide the Devilís Herd: Wyatt Earpís Epic Battle Against the Westís Biggest Outlaw GangĒ by John Boessenecker

Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Pages: 352
Price: $20.22
Publication Date: April 7, 2020

    • A jump on other researcher?Larry, Sun Aug 11 12:16
      Could it be that Bioessecker is scooping other reseachers working on Curly Bill?
      • And another gross neglect for truth.K.t.K., Tue Aug 13 03:37
        Although I will never read this latest in a disgusting long line of Wyatt worship books, I go on record for a prediction. Bossennekker will not make a single mention for the 17 verified arrests of... more
        • John Boessenecker is a great respecter of Truth.Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 13 07:46
          K.t.K., Iíve known John Boessenecker for a quarter of a century and can say, unequivocally, that no writer/researcher in the Old West field has a greater respect for ďTruthĒ than he does. Given his... more
          • I must agree with KennyGreg Ellison, Sun Aug 25 07:37
            I know from personal experiences with John Boessenecker that he is dishonest and doesn't really care about facts or true history. He has recently been searching Pinterest, a public forum, and... more
            • Question...?Jeff Morey, Sun Aug 25 18:31
              Greg, Are you the fellow who claimed to have a photo of Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday, Jesse James, and Charlie Bowdre standing all together? My Best, Jeff Morey
              • That I am...Greg Ellison, Sun Aug 25 19:43
                and I stand behind the photo. A copy of it currently hangs in the lobby of the Old Adobe Hotel is Las Vegas, New Mexico. I have never claimed that the photo is 100% authenticated as some will have... more
                • I donít understand...Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 26 06:54
                  Greg, I donít understand. If you ďnever claimed the photo is 100% authenticatedĒ, what exactly did you claim? My Best, Jeff Morey
                  • JeffGreg Ellison, Mon Aug 26 08:25
                    I had a website for years showcasing my collection. The photo you mentioned was one of the photos that I posted on my site as a Jesse James related photo. Over time I studied the history of Jesse... more
            • Good reference material.Bob Paul, Sun Aug 25 15:23
              I find this post very interesting in 1) the rather harsh (my words) personal attack on the integrity of John Boessenecker and 2) the need to "agree with Kenny". This will be closely covered during... more
              • Re: Good reference materialIrvin Blankenship, Tue Sep 3 08:43
                Mr. Paul, One participant in the harsh words against Mr. Boessenecker is Greg Ellison. Ellison is a well known photo scammer having come to the attention of Ciivil War militaria/photo collectors in... more
                • ThanksBob Paul, Tue Sep 3 09:39
                  I appreciate your attentive response to my earlier post, your attention to Greg Ellison is noted however my concentration is on the rather harsh (my words) attack on John Boessenecker coupled with... more
                  • Bob Paul....Greg Ellison, Wed Sep 4 20:28
                    ...there is no Irv Blankenship just as there is no A. Nelson who authored the fake RippOff Report. The author is Frank Huguelet aka Ric Savage, an overgrown bully who thinks he is an historian and... more
              • Harsh Words are True WordsGreg Ellison, Sun Aug 25 18:27
                I only speak the truth. I fail to understand how a man as well know as Boessenecker and a lawyer to boot would put himself in such a precarious position...but he has.
          • To Morey, respect is a one-way street.K.t.K., Wed Aug 14 03:06
            It matters not if you've known a "friend" for a century and a quarter. My character flaw has been nurtured for decades and it normally kicks in when I smell a rat. And when I smell at rat I am never... more
            • Re: To Morey, respect is a one-way street.Bob Cash, Tue Aug 20 09:36
              Kenny, I would like to draw your attention to the last sentences of footnote 6 of chapter 8 in Bossenecker's bio of Bob Paul: "....The correct location of Drew's Station was ascertained by Tombstone... more
            • Re: To Morey, respect is a one-way street.Pam Potter, Thu Aug 15 14:11
              John does "man-up" enough to publish and put himself out their for critics, be they historians or character assassins.
            • OUCH!Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 06:15
              K.t.K., If standing up for a man of accomplishment and integrity results in you viewing me as being ridiculous, so be it. For me, your disparagement is a badge of honor. Ridiculously Yours, Jeff Morey
              • K. t.K.'s on line personaLarry Dean, Wed Aug 14 11:55
                When K. t.K, produces his magmas opus I will standup for his accomplishment even if it were to happen postumously.
                • Larry, was that intentional?olds, Wed Aug 14 12:28
                  Magmas instead of magnum? If not, it still works, magma being an uncannily appropriate descriptor for the tone and tenor of Kenny's post here to Jeff, who, I must say, replied in a ridiculously... more
                  • Lyman C. Draper!Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 17:38
                    Olds, Boy, when you namedrop, you donít mess around! Right now, I am in Michigan. But, I swear I can hear far off cheers echoing across Lake Michigan coming from Wisconsin. I think Iím going to pour... more
                  • Kennyís 2% problem...Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 13:11
                    Olds, Kennyís problem isnít that he is overly nit-picky. Itís that if you agree with 98% of what he says, he will personally and publicly urinate on you, hang you, quarter you, and then burn your... more
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