Jeff Morey
Who are you arguing with?
Mon Aug 12, 2019 17:22


Woody Campbell has passed away. So, who are you arguing with?

My Best,

Jeff Morey

  • Woody....Joyce..., Mon Aug 12 17:15
    Certainly the whole event had nothing to do with city arms violations, but what was it about? Why would the cowboys threaten to kill the Earps or drive them out of the county? Did the Earps spend a... more
    • Re: Woody....Tom Gaumer, Tue Aug 13 13:10
      The Earp's left town to support Capt. Hearst and the Cavalry in case a civilian arrest were necessary when some mules were stolen from the cavalry. I can't remember other ventures to the boarder or... more
    • Who are you arguing with? — Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 12 17:22
      • Jeff/ofcourse...Joyce..., Tue Aug 13 05:23
        Hello Jeff, I realize Woody has passed away some time ago; I simply addressed it to the author to avoid confusion. But I didn't think I was presenting an argument so much as asking a question or two... more
        • Joyce, When it came to retorts, Woody Campbell was a regular force of nature. And, I must say, when it comes to retorts, you are also a relentless force of nature. A debate between you and Woody... more
          • ...but nevertheless, I hope someone will come up with an interesting post that would answer my questions on the Earps' time spent out on the wild prairie instead of the haunts of Tombstone. I just... more
          • Woody wins, hands down, because...K.t.K., Tue Aug 13 08:28
            ...Joyce has been barking up the wrong tree since day one. Basically a non-researcher. On the other hand, during my own researches there would be Woody Campbell contributions popping up on... more
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