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Mon Aug 12, 2019 18:32


When I analyzed the gunfight. I fully expected to conclude that Morgan Earp was shot by Billy Clanton near the end of the shootout. However, in reviewing the various accounts of the Street Fight attributed to Wyatt Earp, I found myself confronting an unexpected question. Correct me if I am wrong, but Wyatt always has Ike Clanton running through the vacant lot after Wyatt pushed him away. But, itís quite clear that Ike Clanton didnít run through the lot. Instead, he clambered into the front door of Flyís Boarding House. R.F. Coleman saw Clanton enter Flyís. So, why didnít Wyatt know the path Ike took to escape danger? The only possibility I could come up with is that just as Wyatt pushed Ike Clanton away, something of the highest import immediately pulled Wyattís attention completely away from Clanton, who was to Wyattís left, and redirected Earpís attention to his right, toward the street, toward Morgan Earp. My answer to the question of why Wyatt never knew that Ike Clanton didnít run away through the lot, is that the wounding of Morgan Earp consumed Wyatt Earpís attention immediately as he pushed Ike Clanton away.

Finally, there is that mound of earth that Wyatt claimed Morgan tripped over. The water pipeline had just been put into Fremont Street in the summer of 1881. The Sycamore Water Map clearly shows the pipe was sixteen feet in front of the vacant lot. If Morgan Earp didnít trip over that mound of earth, why would Wyatt Earp have such a clear memory of it? Earpís memory is frequently questionable. He has problems with names and dates. But, he remembered that particular and easily verified mound of earth.


Jeff Morey

  • I've brought this post up from the thread below at Jeff Morey's request as he pointed out that responses were being lost in the dreaded"more comments" swamp. I've found all the posts in that thread... more
    • My Reason... — Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 12 18:32
    • . K.t.K., Mon Aug 12 16:20
      Hatch's comment depicts Morg's calm cool demeanor. No yell - no scream. He was so matter-of-fact about getting knocked down by the slug, nobody else seemed to hear him mention it. Undoubtedly this... more
      • addendumK.t.K., Tue Aug 13 03:10
        Although some accounts are in conflict, the second time Morg fell down he finished the fight on the ground. Behan said: "I looked then in that direction and saw Frank McLaury running and a shot was... more
        • Morg and DoPat Mulligan , Tue Aug 13 04:57
          Is it possible that Hatch heard the words "I am Shot" thought they came from Morgan when they actually came from Doc ? I believe that Morg was shot early in the fight when he was turned towards... more
          • Re: Morg and DoBob Cash, Thu Aug 15 12:04
            I think we are dealing with three separate, but intertwined questions here. 1) Was Tom armed with a pistol? 2) Who shot Morg? 3) When was Morg shot? I think Kenny's post below, exposing Tom Keefe's... more
            • Re: Morg and DoBob Cash, Thu Aug 15 13:12
              CORRECTION: "...if he jumped behind the horse at first fire he may have decided that having a weapon with a 15 shot capacity was better when four opponents were shooting at his party AND REACHED FOR... more
          • Morg and BobK.t.K., Wed Aug 14 05:24
            Pat, in the Lake/Earp Notes Wyatt refers to Bob Hatch as "Morg's great friend." We have from the Forestine Hooker writing that Morg and Hatch were experts with the cue. But this should not be... more
            • Re: Morg and BobBob Cash, Wed Aug 14 07:24
              So, Kenny, do you believe Morgan was hit when he fell in the middle of the street and Bob Hatch testified that he thought he heard him say "I am shot", or was it earlier?
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