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Although some accounts are in conflict, the second time Morg fell down he finished the fight on the ground. Behan said:
"I looked then in that direction and saw Frank McLaury running and a shot was fired and he fell on his head, and I heard Morgan Earp say, "I got him!" That's about the end of the fight."
This is not the same as earlier when Bob Hatch heard Morg "made some remark that "I am shot," or "hit," or something to that effect."

The Tucson Citizen of Oct. 30th has Morg finishing on the ground, taking careful aim for the longest shot, when Frank was the only Cowboy still in the fight:

"Morgan Earpů.in an instant gathered himself, and raising in a sitting position fired at Frank McLowery as he crossed Fremont Street, and at the same instant Doc Holliday shot at him, both balls taking effect, either of which would have proved fatal, as one struck him in the right temple and the other in the left breast...."

According to the U. S. Marshals Service, who did their own assessment of the 1881 affray in 2006, concluded with :
"[T]he grit of Doc Holliday and the steady hand of Morgan Earp ensured the outcome of the historic fight near the O. K. Corral." [David Turk, Historian, U. S. Marshals Service, Arlington, Virginia.]
This flies in the face of Wyatt Worshippers - to my great satisfaction - having gone to great lengths for learning who Morg really was. This includes the legacy he left in Montana with his Winchester and brace of .45s - virtually standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of legendary X. Beidler, Fred Schmalsle, Sheriff Tom Irvine and "Ranger" Hank Wormwood. And that was only Miles City law enforcement, not to mention Butte.

  • . K.t.K., Mon Aug 12 16:20
    Hatch's comment depicts Morg's calm cool demeanor. No yell - no scream. He was so matter-of-fact about getting knocked down by the slug, nobody else seemed to hear him mention it. Undoubtedly this... more
    • addendum — K.t.K., Tue Aug 13 03:10
      • Morg and DoPat Mulligan , Tue Aug 13 04:57
        Is it possible that Hatch heard the words "I am Shot" thought they came from Morgan when they actually came from Doc ? I believe that Morg was shot early in the fight when he was turned towards... more
        • Re: Morg and DoBob Cash, Thu Aug 15 12:04
          I think we are dealing with three separate, but intertwined questions here. 1) Was Tom armed with a pistol? 2) Who shot Morg? 3) When was Morg shot? I think Kenny's post below, exposing Tom Keefe's... more
          • Re: Morg and DoBob Cash, Thu Aug 15 13:12
            CORRECTION: "...if he jumped behind the horse at first fire he may have decided that having a weapon with a 15 shot capacity was better when four opponents were shooting at his party AND REACHED FOR... more
        • Morg and BobK.t.K., Wed Aug 14 05:24
          Pat, in the Lake/Earp Notes Wyatt refers to Bob Hatch as "Morg's great friend." We have from the Forestine Hooker writing that Morg and Hatch were experts with the cue. But this should not be... more
          • Re: Morg and BobBob Cash, Wed Aug 14 07:24
            So, Kenny, do you believe Morgan was hit when he fell in the middle of the street and Bob Hatch testified that he thought he heard him say "I am shot", or was it earlier?
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