Jeff/hopefully I am not offensive in any way...
Tue Aug 13, 2019 09:13

...but nevertheless, I hope someone will come up with an interesting post that would answer my questions on the Earps' time spent out on the wild prairie instead of the haunts of Tombstone. I just don't see them in buckskin chaps and colourful bandanas, but what do I know?

A pleasure as always, Jeff


  • Joyce, When it came to retorts, Woody Campbell was a regular force of nature. And, I must say, when it comes to retorts, you are also a relentless force of nature. A debate between you and Woody... more
    • Jeff/hopefully I am not offensive in any way... — Joyce..., Tue Aug 13 09:13
    • Woody wins, hands down, because...K.t.K., Tue Aug 13 08:28
      ...Joyce has been barking up the wrong tree since day one. Basically a non-researcher. On the other hand, during my own researches there would be Woody Campbell contributions popping up on... more
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