Morg and Bob
Wed Aug 14, 2019 05:24

Pat, in the Lake/Earp Notes Wyatt refers to Bob Hatch as "Morg's great friend." We have from the Forestine Hooker writing that Morg and Hatch were experts with the cue. But this should not be confused with professional level cueists, as were in Tombstone Tony Kraker and Lance Perkins, who had long competed in San Francisco for the coveted Silver Cue Trophy not to mention good prize money.
I especially gravitated to this facet, having been a competitive pool player myself - an expert - although lacking the genetics to aspire to the pro level, like Morg and Bob. Thus I fully understand how in the upscale billiard halls I frequented it was natural to seek another player more or less equally matched for indulging regularly (Even today I have a 9 foot tournament grade Brunswick Gold Crown table in the man-cave). This is undoubtedly what Bob and Morg did regularly.

Therefore I believe that Hatch at the gunfight was especially watching what was happening with his "great friend" Morgan Earp, knowing him intimately, even to understand the reputation Morg created with the Cowboy element, which made him the most feared of all the Earp brothers. It was Morg's two-gun confrontation against multiple Cowboys at Sanford Ranch bunkhouse mid-October 1880 that initially did the trick in my studied opinion.

And that head shot on Frank at 60 feet only added to his rep as a shootist.
I mean to say, who does head shots on a moving target with a pistol during combat when already knocked down and wounded? Thus, he was assassinated quite proper in such regard - the newspaper accusatory of cowardice upon the perpetrators for not having the guts to face him.

  • Morg and DoPat Mulligan , Tue Aug 13 04:57
    Is it possible that Hatch heard the words "I am Shot" thought they came from Morgan when they actually came from Doc ? I believe that Morg was shot early in the fight when he was turned towards... more
    • Re: Morg and DoBob Cash, Thu Aug 15 12:04
      I think we are dealing with three separate, but intertwined questions here. 1) Was Tom armed with a pistol? 2) Who shot Morg? 3) When was Morg shot? I think Kenny's post below, exposing Tom Keefe's... more
      • Re: Morg and DoBob Cash, Thu Aug 15 13:12
        CORRECTION: "...if he jumped behind the horse at first fire he may have decided that having a weapon with a 15 shot capacity was better when four opponents were shooting at his party AND REACHED FOR... more
    • Morg and Bob — K.t.K., Wed Aug 14 05:24
      • Re: Morg and BobBob Cash, Wed Aug 14 07:24
        So, Kenny, do you believe Morgan was hit when he fell in the middle of the street and Bob Hatch testified that he thought he heard him say "I am shot", or was it earlier?
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