Jeff Morey
Kennyís 2% problem...
Wed Aug 14, 2019 13:11


Kennyís problem isnít that he is overly nit-picky. Itís that if you agree with 98% of what he says, he will personally and publicly urinate on you, hang you, quarter you, and then burn your rotting flesh for the intolerable indignity of the remaining 2%.

My Best,

Jeff Morey

  • Larry, was that intentional?olds, Wed Aug 14 12:28
    Magmas instead of magnum? If not, it still works, magma being an uncannily appropriate descriptor for the tone and tenor of Kenny's post here to Jeff, who, I must say, replied in a ridiculously... more
    • Lyman C. Draper!Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 17:38
      Olds, Boy, when you namedrop, you donít mess around! Right now, I am in Michigan. But, I swear I can hear far off cheers echoing across Lake Michigan coming from Wisconsin. I think Iím going to pour... more
    • Kennyís 2% problem... — Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 13:11
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