Tom Gaumer
Good point. Ike may be a flawed individual
Wed Aug 14, 2019 16:11

If the Earp's were involved in the Benson stage murders and knew Billy was a witness and feared him for that reason, why would Billy or his brothers still be alive 7 months later? Why a public execution before the whole town of Tombstone?

Also how would brother Ike, a Billy cabin mate and pretty sure confidant, escape alive from the OK Corral festivities?

The Clanton ranch was a known place. If you are guilty of a double murder why aren't you laying in the brush outside Clanton's front door to shoot down Billy and Ike and Finn
the day after the murders?

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  • I didn’t laugh, but I smiled.Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 13:59
    Tom, What I’ve never understood is, if Billy Clanton was “an important witness against Doc Holliday”, as some have claimed, why wouldn’t Ike Clanton state that in his testimony? My Best, Jeff Morey
    • Good point. Ike may be a flawed individual — Tom Gaumer, Wed Aug 14 16:11
      • Exactly!Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 14 17:21
        Tom, If the Earps wanted to eliminate Ike and Billy Clanton, all they had to do is blast them to hell out in the desert. The idea that they wanted a “showdown” is movie foolishness. Who in their... more
        • Yep and that ruins us as movie heroesTom Gaumer, Thu Aug 15 01:40
          Jeff but we win which is more important in real life. I loved seeing western heroes in the movies and on TV settle important issues by their skill with a gun. Very dramatic. However it gradually... more
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