Bob Cash
Curly Bill, Cactus Bill and "Johnny-Over-the Fence" Price??
Thu Aug 15, 2019 09:33

Although this article does not name the former deputy sheriff of Grant County that is supposedly it's source, there is enough detail in it that either the writer or the source had intimate knowledge of the workings of the San Simon Gang. Since Curly Bill and Cactus Bill are recognized as two different people, I'm wondering if the several others named who I am not familiar with were actually S.E. Arizona residents at that time? Of course, I'm not asking about Sandy King and Russian Bill, but any info on the others would be appreciated.

    • My thoughts on identitiesRandolph W. Farmer, Thu Aug 15 13:25
      From your article: "Curly Bill was the leader of the San Simon gang, and his lieutenant was Johnny Price, 'Johnny Over-the Fence.' Then there was 'Cactus Bill, an' a kid of 16, Johnny Huges, [sic]... more
    • Russian Bill had jet black hair ? Intimate knowledge ?Robert Buckley, Thu Aug 15 10:30
      Really Bob Cash , you think a Grant County Deputy Sheriff authored or was the source of this article? The person who wrote this said he had no clue as to why Shakespeare was called Shakespeare . A... more
      • Robert, I pointed out that a Grant County deputy was "supposedly the source", that meant, given journalistic standards of the day, I was not convinced that was the case. It was exactly posts like... more
        • Yes Bob - Smyth and PriceRobert Buckley, Thu Aug 15 18:30
          There was a Firm called Smyth, Long and Price that sold mining supplies at Shakespeare. John E. Price was part of that Firm . Chuck Hornung , in his book , Wyatt Earp’s Cow-boy Campaign, mentions... more
          • Re: Yes Bob - Smyth and PriceBob Cash., Thu Aug 15 21:40
            Thank you, Robert. As Woody Guthrie said, "Some people rob you wit a six-gun, others with a fountain pen", but it's hard to imagine mixing up cowboy John Ringo with lawyer John Price. Maybe the... more
            • Not a Law FirmRobert Buckley, Fri Aug 16 06:12
              The Firm of Smyth,Long and Price sold general merchandise and mining supplies. In the newspapers they were referred to as the “Firm” of Smyth , Long and Price .... So basically a General Store with a ... more
            • @BobRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Aug 16 05:41
              Interesting thought Bob - that the sheriffs deputy supposedly telling that story to the reporter would have designated a lawyer as Curly Bills second in command (lieutenant). The deputy telling this... more
              • Curly Bill and Harvey WhitehillLynn R. Bailey, Sat Aug 17 13:09
                Randy: You are right. William Graham (aka Curly Bill) had a close relationship with Harvey Whitehill, spanning years. Graham’s 1885 move to Apache County was interrupted by a letter from old friend... more
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