Jeff Morey
Terrific Review!
Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:59


My copy arrived yesterday. I am enjoying it enormously.

My Best,

Jeff Morey

  • Johnny TylerMark Warren, Fri Aug 16 07:46
    I feel compelled to offer a review of Peter Brand's new book, because for me it is a game-changer. Thank you, Peter. Johnny Tyler By Peter Brand Peter Brand’s new book, "Johnny Tyler," is a... more
    • Bookfinder.comRoy B Young, Thu Aug 22 14:13
      Visit to order a copy of Peter's book. This is the number one books sales site.
    • Re: Johnny TylerWayne Sanderson, Thu Aug 22 13:03
      A glowing review, and I couldn't add a thing. Great read- Congratulations Peter!
    • Mark WarrenEddie Lanham, Sat Aug 17 03:25
      That is one of the best book reviews I have ever read. Period.
    • I should have purchased...Eddie Lanham, Sat Aug 17 03:23
      along with a few other books at the WWHA Round-up in Cheyenne, but with limited luggage space I opted to have Mr. Amazon deliver to my door. When I searched on Amazon it replied, "Did you mean Johnny ... more
      • Peter Brand's bookLinda Wommack, Sat Aug 17 09:14
        Like Eddie, I too had little room for extra luggage at WWHA in Cheyenne. Perhaps Peter could look into direct mail from Australia and we could send him a check.
        • Tombstone Vendetta LinkJeff Morey, Sat Aug 17 12:16
          Linda, Use the “Link to Tombstone Vendetta” at the top of this forum. Jean Smith accepts checks or you can use PayPal. It worked fine for me. My Best, Jeff Morey
    • Terrific Review! — Jeff Morey , Fri Aug 16 11:59
    • johnny Tyler bookDon johnson, Fri Aug 16 08:46
      So why not put it on Amazon where it easy to order? I gave up after seeing all one had to do to order it
      • Amazon, at least...Victoria Wilcox, Fri Aug 16 21:05
        I've twice requested Paypal info to order Peter's book and still not received a reply. This book needs to be easier to purchase and more widely publicized!
        • PaypalPeter Brand, Fri Aug 16 22:10
          Hi Victoria I will look into it and let you know via email. Pb
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