Pat Mulligan
Wed Aug 21, 2019 05:02

When FM returned to the lot his horse would have been following him. When stopping next to TM this allowed Tom to be shielded by the horse.

How did Behan see whether TM was armed if he was behind the horse ?

  • Yes. (nm)Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 20 07:12
    • Thought — Pat Mulligan , Wed Aug 21 05:02
      • Pat/your thought...Joyce..., Wed Aug 21 06:47
        When Frank and Billy arrived in town and stopped at the Grand Hotel, both men tied their horses at the railing in front. They left immediately and headed down towards Spangenburg's gun shop looking... more
        • Joyce ?Pat Mulligan, Thu Sep 5 05:01
          Where did Billy's horse go ? was it in the lot or stilled tied up at the hotel ?
          • Pat/Billy's horse...Joyce..., Wed Sep 11 15:30
            One of the witnesses described a horse taking off, I think out the back direction of the lot. I would have to look it up if need be. it had to be Billy's horse because Frank held on to his until he... more
        • JoycePat Mulligan , Thu Aug 22 04:41
          I was talking about Frank after he returned to the lot. lot. As to Behan observing Tom his statement was made in relation to actions in the lot ,not on Fremont. He may have been to pre occupied wit... more
          • Pat/Frank at the lot...Joyce..., Thu Aug 22 06:51
            Yes, I understood your position on Frank, I think, but I was just giving you the pattern of Frank's moves with the horse. It appears that Frank, Tom and Billy were not actually IN the lot so much as... more
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