Thomas K Gaumer
Re: Tom/Behan
Wed Aug 21, 2019 06:21


Behan said he had been down there less than 15 minutes from when he was in Haffords bar at Fourth and Allen. Virgil said Behan had left for Fremont Street "Somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter or half and hour--not over half and hour; it might not have been that long." So they agree on the approximate time -- 15 minutes or a few minutes more.

The town mobs desire for action should never cause any Marshal or Chief of Police to act. Virgil knew very well that he should avoid a fight in the center of town in everyone's best interest if possible. Ignoring the towns best interest is what cost him his job. He should act based on his own judgment of the situation and not give in to any kind of pressure. Virgil's judgment was, apparently, that 20 minutes or so was too long and he needed to seek a confrontation before allowing a few more minutes to pass. Dumb!

On what do you base your conclusion the mayor was calling on Virgil to go down there? I don't believe I have heard that before.

Behan had not failed to disarm Frank as their talk and Behan's effort continued and Behan said he was continuing to act and make an effort. Apparently Behan felt he had a few more minutes to try and avoid a shootout in the middle of town. Smart!

Behan had not failed yet. Virgil was in a big hurry and Virgil's timetable of no more than around twenty minutes was more important than letting Behan complete a more peaceful effort.

That few minutes that Virgil thought was so important cost the Earp's an awful lot over the next few months. I wonder if Virgil ever gave any thought to maybe he should have had the wisdom to have given Behan a few more minutes?

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  • Tom/BehanPat Mulligan, Tue Aug 20 04:39
    Tom how long did Behan have? Once he let FM keep his weapon had he not failed to disarm him? How long was Virgil to wait on Behan when the whole town was waiting for him to act and he was being... more
    • Re: Tom/Behan — Thomas K Gaumer, Wed Aug 21 06:21
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