Ben Harleman
Re: "Wyatt Earp" meets Sharon Tate on Carnaby Street
Wed Aug 21, 2019 20:24

Thank you. Having just watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood this was almost a bit surreal. Glad I got to see this, thank you.


  • "Wyatt Earp" meets Sharon Tate on Carnaby StreetJerry Prather, Wed Aug 21 12:44
    While on YouTube, a link to this Merv Griffin Show clip popped up. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it. Out of nowhere "Wyatt Earp" briefly shows up to say hello to Sharon Tate. Here's Merv:... more
    • Re: "Wyatt Earp" meets Sharon Tate on Carnaby Street — Ben Harleman, Wed Aug 21 20:24
      • Merv GriffinJim Dunham, Thu Aug 22 06:11
        Amazing that they have that old footage. I was part of the 20th Century Fox Film Studio Tours when they made "Valley of the Dolls" and saw Sharon Tate at a screening room showing of the film. I also... more
        • Re: Merv GriffinRobert Buckley, Fri Aug 23 09:58
          Jim, I did some checking and found Louis L’Amour made one appearance on the Merv Griffin show , and that was in 1971 . The Merv Griffin show has an official website ... more
          • mervJim Dunham, Tue Aug 27 06:54
            Robert, Yes, that would be the show. Thank you. I'll see if I can track it down. Jim
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