Pat/Frank at the lot...
Thu Aug 22, 2019 06:51

Yes, I understood your position on Frank, I think, but I was just giving you the pattern of Frank's moves with the horse.

It appears that Frank, Tom and Billy were not actually IN the lot so much as at the front of it. The Earps had moved out into the street and were spread out a little across the opening of the lot, but Frank and Tom are described as standing more or less at the front of the lot, Frank on the actual walkway. Billy and Claibourne were a little inside but young Clanton came forward to the corner of the little adobe building which ended at the boardwalk. Billy remained there the whole time.

I was just wanting to clarify Frank's position with his horse; the horse was standing on the street. That's the way the various testimonies read to me. Tom was not blocked by the horse as far as Behan's vision would be concerned. Behan had moved into the lot, caught Claibourne, and both moved to the back of Fly's studio when the action started.


  • JoycePat Mulligan , Thu Aug 22 04:41
    I was talking about Frank after he returned to the lot. lot. As to Behan observing Tom his statement was made in relation to actions in the lot ,not on Fremont. He may have been to pre occupied wit... more
    • Pat/Frank at the lot... — Joyce..., Thu Aug 22 06:51
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