Peter Brand
Dodge City Peace Commission
Thu Aug 22, 2019 21:31

The Dodge City Peace Commission.

Most readers are aware of the 8 men who were photographed in the famous Dodge City Peace Commission, related to Luke Short’s trouble in 1883.

Wyatt would later say that several other gunmen came with him from Colorado in 1883, but they declined to have their photo taken.

In an article about the affair, published in the San Francisco Examiner in 1896, Wyatt named… Millsap, Shotgun Collins, Shoot-your-eye-out Jack [Vermillion] and Crooked Mouth Green as also being with him.

In my biography of Texas Jack Vermillion, published in 2012, I suggested that “Millsap” may have been George Milsap, an ex-convict and gambler from Colorado.

Recently, I located a newspaper article that seems to confirm that information, and more.
The Augusta News, Augusta Kansas June, 20, 1883 stated the following:

“On the 3rd and 4th of June, Dodge City saw such men as Wyatt Earp, of Silverton N.M. (sic) Bat Masterson of Trinidad, Col. “Shotgun Collins, George Milsap, Johnnie Green and Texas Jack, or Jack Vermillion of Silverton, N.M. (sic) Ben Wheeler and Joe Copland of Caldwell, Kan.”

It turns out that George Milsap’s career as a gambler and conman flourished for the next 30 years, at least. He was also a member, with Jack Vermillion, of the Soapy Smith Gang.


    • Ben WheelerGarth Gould, Mon Sep 2 11:56
      It appears the Ben Wheeler mentioned in the Augusta News is the same Caldwell lawman who was lynched with Henry Brown after the Medicine Lodge bank robbery.
    • I looked into Shotgun Collins,Randy King, Sat Aug 24 06:57
      there seem to be many people with the nickname "Shotgun" and the image on line is not that of 'The" ShotGun Collins. I have forgotten that name name, it is not difficult to find it on line. It is my... more
      • Randy KingPeter Brand, Sat Aug 24 19:18
        Hi Randy Photos of Wyatt's gunman like, Shotgun Collins, Crooked Mouth Green and Dan Tipton are also included in the book: "Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Posse Rider: The Story of Texas Jack Vermillion" Go... more
      • Randy, Peter Brand has the only known photo of George “Shotgun” Collins on page 156 of his new “Johnny Tyler” book. Unfortunately, there is a lot of nonsense on the internet about a “John Collins”... more
    • George Milsap and Crooked Mouth GreenPeter Brand, Thu Aug 22 21:53
      P.S. Milsap and Green later worked together as partners in several bunco scams in different states and territories. PB
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