Pat Mulligan
Re: Tom
Fri Aug 23, 2019 06:47

When a Law Officer tells you to disarm you do immediately. Then you are no longer considered a threat.
Behan claimed he asked FM to disarm. Frank "demurred'. It was not legal for FM to do so. Nor should Behan allowed him to return to the armed. It is not a negotiation ,ITwas a LAWFUL ORDER FROM BEHAN. FM refused to follow it at which time Behan should have arrested and disarmed him.

That would have shown action to end the situation and would have gave VE a statement that Behan was doing his JOB .

  • Howdy Pat At the point Behan said he encountered Frank and said he told him to disarm, Behan had walked from Haffords one block to the corner of Fourth and Fremont. That might take three minutes at... more
    • Re: Tom — Pat Mulligan, Fri Aug 23 06:47
      • Pat See Steve Gattos post. Virgil decided what to do based on what a vigilante leader told him according to Virgil's own testimony. It had nothing to do with Behan. Thus Virgil is 100% to blame for... more
        • Re: modern police negotiate regularly to avoid violenceWayne Sanderson, Sat Aug 24 22:40
          Iím afraid you may be mischaracterizing the Tombstone Vigilance Committee by painting them with the same brush as the San Francisco vigilantes of the gold rush period. The Vigilance Committee in... more
          • I do not deride the Tombstone vigilantesTom Gaumer, Thu Aug 29 01:03
            Wayne I think much of their impact was just the knowledge they existed and were seen occasionally as on October 26, 1881. They filled the street after the shooting to make sure nothing more happened... more
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