Tom Gaumer
Virgil did want as soon as possible vrs reasonable
Mon Aug 26, 2019 19:57

Seer of Austin

What was Virgil supposed to do after he knew they were still armed after having been in two corrals? Think about several things like is the gunfight Behan had alerted him to should happen as soon as possible or and questions of Fonck like is Behan with them still? Is their a commotion of any kind? Send a note to Behan about what is going on and that Virgil will be down there in a number of minutes say 15 or 20 or 30. Virgil has been holding back. He need be in no hurry. Etc. to try and avoid shooting in the interests of the city and innocent bystanders if possible.

It was Virgils job to enforece the gun ordinance in town. He had not done it yet and he needn't do it on any new schedule.

If Virgil had gathered in little intelligence on what was going on he could determine Behan was still with the cowboys as Fonck might know, Virgil could just say something like Behan is working on solving the problem and i will let him have a few more minutes to solve it or i will. Easy:-)

Fonck made no statement even hinting he was considering doing anything on his own. Not even a phrase. This is all Earp hocum. Fonck said, "If you want any help I can furnish 10 men to assist." "Any help and to assist" Nothing about doing it himself. Earp hokum.

A little more of Virgil's testimony about Fonck, " I told him (Fonck) I would not bother them as long s they were in
the corral; if they showed up on the street, I would disarm them. Why, He (Fonck) said, they are all down on Fremont Street there now. Then I called on Wyatt and Morgan Earp and Doc Holliday to go with me and help disarm them."

Now Virgil has put himself under pressure to act but Fonck has done nothing to pressure him, only giving him information.

Virgil can still wait a little while if he is smart enough.

Virgil made no effort to protect citizens with a gunfight in downtown.

Virgil could delay a little while. He could take some vigilantes with him to emphasize it is town against lawbreakers and not personal. Virgil was not in a nothing else to do situation yet.

There was no threat of a vigilante action except in later writers trying to make excuses for Virgil's poor judgment.

Time was not of the essence any more that it had been during the last hour or so while the armed cowboys were in town.

There was no need to act promptly. Virgil had his pick of 35 vigilantes, counting Murrays offer with no demands also.
His other deputies could be found as they were on day duty according to KtK.

You are trying to white wash Virgil and his situation.
I just got a text from Virgil saying to thank Bob,

Thanks Bob from Virgil
Keep laughing

  • Po tae to, Po tah toBob Cash, Mon Aug 26 12:17
    Interesting that as soon as I read Steve's explanation, I immediately thought it justified Virgil's decision to take action as soon as possible. Even if he had given Behan some time to disarm the... more
    • Virgil did want as soon as possible vrs reasonable — Tom Gaumer, Mon Aug 26 19:57
    • Excellent Post!Jeff Morey, Mon Aug 26 14:22
      Bob, 1.). If Virgil had accepted help from the Vigilantes, he would have been admitting he wasn’t capable of dealing with the situation. 2.). The offers of help from the Vigilantes were more than... more
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