Jeff Morey
Tue Aug 27, 2019 08:14


If Sheriff Behan was indeed unarmed when he went to disarm the Cowboys, he was clearly showing those Cowboys that he was ill prepared to enforce his demands. To cite Wyatt Earp needing to borrow a six-shooter before attempting to arrest Curly Bill is an odd way to defend Johnny Behan’s possible lack of a weapon. Earp clearly understood what the situation called for. So, he smartly obtained a side arm. In your scenario, Johnny Behan clearly failed to understand what the situation called for and went down to the vacant lot hoping his winning smile would be enough to charm a group of armed and contentious Cowboys. If Behan wasn’t armed, he definitely should have been armed. No lawman in their right mind would or should venture to disarm a group of unlawfully armed men without first securing a weapon to back up his demands.

My Best,

Jeff Morey

  • I pretendeed I was Jeff Morey and Anonymous, Mon Aug 26 18:35
    Jeff considered the following: First Behan testified he had gotten up late and was at the barbershop when he first became aware there might be a problem. He went from the barbershop to the situation. ... more
    • If... — Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 27 08:14
      • Jeff-try the smile before the gun!!Tom Gaumer, Tue Aug 27 12:19
        Jeff Wyatt Earp was unarmed when he was on his way to look into some shooting and maybe support Sheriff White. The fact he needed to borrow a tool of his job and was initially unarmed was my point... more
        • Wyatt ?Fred white shooting Pat Mulligan, Tue Sep 3 13:14
          Tom to the best of my knowledge Wyatt was acting as a citizen when her arrested Curly Bill for shooting Marshall Fred White. So wyatt should not have been armed prior to the shooting. Behan was a... more
          • Howdy Pat the White Incident was in October of 1880. If that is true Wyatt was on duty at night when many of the miners were in town and drinking and Wyatt was on duty and unarmed. Keep Laughing Tom
            • White was shot after midnight Oct. 28K.t.K., Thu Sep 5 16:15
              Died October 30. Ten days later Earp resigned from deputy sheriff by letter to Sheriff Shibell dated November 9, 1880. [Gatto]
          • Actually PatK.t.K., Tue Sep 3 17:31
            Wyatt's appointment as Deputy Sheriff was announced July 29, 1880 - or about three months prior to the White killing. He came off the box as shotgun messenger and Morgan was announced his... more
            • KtKPat Mulligan, Wed Sep 4 04:14
              I apologize for the miscue. Forgot and did not check first. Thanks for the correction
        • What you are saying is....Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 27 13:55
          Tom, What you are saying is poorly thought out. Behan wasn’t merely engaging a group of his buddies. You write: “He could try talking them out of the situation without needing a fight or a tool to... more
          • I think beleving Behan unarmed is easy.Tom Gaumer, Tue Aug 27 15:18
            Law enforcement does not seek a confrontation every time as Virgil sought that day. They many times try to negotiate with the kidnapper or hostage holder or the criminal caught at the scene who has a ... more
            • Deputy Beakenridge disagreesK.t.K., Thu Aug 29 05:19
              Behan was armed even while sitting at his desk in the Cochise County Sheriff's Office. Breck recalled the time Behan's revolver fell out of the scabbard while leaning back in his chair, the gun hit... more
              • I don't think so. Tom Gaumer, Thu Aug 29 18:50
                KtK You gave no checkable source except Breakenridge, where I might check the details, so I won't. I remember the incident but would guess the lack of a solid clear source might mean the details... more
              • Furthermore, Behan had to shoot a man....K.t.K., Thu Aug 29 06:02
                ...just three years before (1878) while on official business in Yavapai County. He was collecting for a bill from a carpenter named Mann, when the latter showed fight with a pistol.
                • I believe most people/lawman would understandTom Gaumer, Thu Aug 29 19:03
                  KtK the dangers of collecting a bill might require a gun as resistance might take place. Behan was a good shot and would have had and used a gun if necessary. I believe Behan, like most, would assess ... more
            • Forgive me...Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 27 17:03
              Tom, I’m in Michigan and all of my books and papers are down in Tennessee. Where exactly does Behan say Frank McLaury “had agreed to go to his (the Sheriff’s) office”? My Best, Jeff Morey
              • I left this out by accident Tom Gaumer, Wed Aug 28 08:06
                Jeff and I know you would miss it! LOL James Kehoe testimony: The Sheriff told him (Frank) he would take him to the Sheriff's office to lay off his arms. Frank McLaury said, "You need not take me. I... more
              • Jeff So it can be interpreted to suit each observer of the text. Behan on page 137 and 138 of Turner: Behan leaves leaves Fourth and Fremont with Frank Testifying this way: "I met Frank McLaury... more
                • In other words...Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 28 06:51
                  Tom, In other words, Sheriff Behan never says that Frank McLaury verbally, overtly and unequivocally agreed to go to the Sheriff’s Office. That doesn’t make for a very compelling argument that Behan... more
                  • Jeff/a compelling argument?....Joyce..., Wed Aug 28 16:08
                    We are talking about the frontier. None of the marshals, sheriffs, rangers, ect. attended a police academy at any time. They are working on the street with their nerves and common sense, hopefully,... more
                    • Behan did not outrank Virgil EarpWayne Sanderson, Mon Sep 16 20:22
                      As has been pointed out before, the legal pecking order of the authority of town law enforcement being superseded by county, which is superseded by Territory/State applies only to those laws and... more
                  • Kehoe says it directly. See above.Tom Gaumer, Wed Aug 28 08:41
                    Jeff Implicit by it's nature does not allow for things like "overtly" "unequivocal" or "compelling" or "significant progress." Implicit can also be accepted as a possibility or rejected as a... more
                    • But...Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 28 13:19
                      Tom, Kehoe’s testimony is seriously undermined by Behan’s own testimony. Kehoe claims Behan first confronted both McLaury brothers in front of the Union Market. Behan claimed he first confronted... more
                • Computer problems kept me from finishingAnonymous is Tom Gaumer-me, Wed Aug 28 00:10
                  Jeff but I have been beaten up enough by the computer for tonight. Keep Laughing Tom
            • Refresh my memory....Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 27 16:21
              Tom, Was the unarmed wonder Sheriff Johnny Behan re-elected by a stunning landslide? My Best, Jeff Morey
              • Behan fell a little short of thatTom Gaumer, Wed Aug 28 00:21
                Jeff I know this will be new to you but believe it or not Behan came up a little short at the Dem Party convention in late 1882. There were five candidates for the sheriff nomination. Behan was fifth ... more
                • You write:Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 28 07:11
                  Tom, You write: “Maybe Buckskin Frank Leslie would have been enough to handle the Earps but no one was there to help Behan.” Comment: If the hapless Sheriff had armed himself, he may not have failed... more
                  • Jeff that Behan was seeking a confrontation. He was, in his approach and maybe, making progress on a peaceful solution. Being armed would still leave him 1 against 4 in trying to stop Virgil. Since,... more
                    • Leslie, had he been called upon to assist behan would in all liklihood have made all the moves from the alpha position while behan hung back. IMHO Behan was a gutless politician who took the job to... more
                    • Tom ,Just Curious ? Pat Mulligan, Tue Sep 3 13:26
                      What progress ahd behan made? He had not disarmed Frank. Upon arriving at the lot he did not disarm Billy Clanton. They were not headed for the Jail. the easy approach was to disarm Frank, then... more
              • "Re-elected"Bob Paul, Tue Aug 27 18:34
                Sheriff Behan "re-elected". Good one. The first elected County Sheriff by the good folks of Tombstone has his image on the wall in the Courthouse (hint it ain't Behan) and was re-elected.
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