Bob Paul
Tue Aug 27, 2019 18:34

Sheriff Behan "re-elected". Good one. The first elected County Sheriff by the good folks of Tombstone has his image on the wall in the Courthouse (hint it ain't Behan) and was re-elected.

  • Refresh my memory....Jeff Morey, Tue Aug 27 16:21
    Tom, Was the unarmed wonder Sheriff Johnny Behan re-elected by a stunning landslide? My Best, Jeff Morey
    • Behan fell a little short of thatTom Gaumer, Wed Aug 28 00:21
      Jeff I know this will be new to you but believe it or not Behan came up a little short at the Dem Party convention in late 1882. There were five candidates for the sheriff nomination. Behan was fifth ... more
      • You write:Jeff Morey, Wed Aug 28 07:11
        Tom, You write: “Maybe Buckskin Frank Leslie would have been enough to handle the Earps but no one was there to help Behan.” Comment: If the hapless Sheriff had armed himself, he may not have failed... more
        • Jeff that Behan was seeking a confrontation. He was, in his approach and maybe, making progress on a peaceful solution. Being armed would still leave him 1 against 4 in trying to stop Virgil. Since,... more
          • Leslie, had he been called upon to assist behan would in all liklihood have made all the moves from the alpha position while behan hung back. IMHO Behan was a gutless politician who took the job to... more
          • Tom ,Just Curious ? Pat Mulligan, Tue Sep 3 13:26
            What progress ahd behan made? He had not disarmed Frank. Upon arriving at the lot he did not disarm Billy Clanton. They were not headed for the Jail. the easy approach was to disarm Frank, then... more
            • Pat in my opinion. I believe Behan said he had cleared Billy to keep his revolver as he was headed out of town. Would Billy have left town if Virgil had stayed out of it? Hard to say. Seems likely.... more
              • TOM ? Pat Mulligan, Thu Sep 5 04:57
                Tom You keep insisting that VE interfered with Behan.. You cannot interfere if you are doing what you are sworn to do,especially at the request of the citizens who elected you. Also what reason has... more
    • "Re-elected" — Bob Paul, Tue Aug 27 18:34
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