Ben Harleman
Of course!
Thu Aug 29, 2019 03:13

After reading the question of B.W. Pyle, I reflexively thought to myself "I'll check back for Kenny's answer." Now, at the end of the day, here I am checking back, and sure enough, there it is. Great info, as always.


  • Only to add to the confusion.K.t.K., Thu Aug 29 02:48
    As you no doubt found, Pyle somehow got past his "larceny" problem in Tombstone; meanwhile in August 1881 Pyle went down to Tucson and engaged business with famous entrepreneur Alex Levin, who was... more
    • Thank youhistorian59, Thu Aug 29 12:37
      for the information on what happened immediately after Pyle got out of prison. I will follow up more with those events. However, I'm still not clear about the incident in the spring of 1881 that got... more
    • Of course! — Ben Harleman, Thu Aug 29 03:13
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