Tom Gaumer
Earp's attorney struts his lack of stuff
Fri Aug 30, 2019 05:58

Suggested improvements on answers to Thomas Fitch questions.
This to make a point to the judge about Mr. Fitch’s honesty or, less likely, to bungle into a trap by Fitch.

Question to Billy Claiborne, page 85 Tutner
(Q) Didn’t you rather enjoy the scene (the fight at Fly’s) than otherwise?
(A) I did not
(Better answer) Of course Mr. Fitch. I enjoyed every second of watching my friends being murdered by your clients and worrying about my own possible death.

Question to Ike Clanton, page99, Turner
(Q) Did you or Tom McLaury, to your knowledge, on the night of the 25th or 26th [of] October, send, or cause to be sent, a telegraphic from the office here to Charleston or any other point, to William Clanton or Frank McLaury or any person or persons, directing Frank McLaury or William Clanton to come to Tombstone?
(A) I did not, and I know Tom did not, for we had taken breakfast with Frank McLaury and William Clanton the day we came into town, at Jack Chanddler’s milk ranch, which is ten miles from here at the foot of the Dragoon Mountains.

(Better answer = Same one with this put in front of it or just this)
No Fitch and you won’t be presenting a copy of the telegram you are lying to the judge about either.

[Remember at this point Fitch has produced a copy of a telegram from 7 months earlier from Wells Fargo saying they will pay rewards dead or alive for the murderers who attacked the Benson coach. Yet he does not produce these two because he made them up to try and trick the judge.]

Question to Ike Clanton, page 108
(Q) Did you not, sometime during the day of the difficulty and preceeding the difficulty, telegraph to Charleston for William and Phin Clanton to come to Tombstone?
(A) No sir.
(Better answer) No Fitch. Once again you are lying to the judge and will not present a copy of the telegram you just invented and are lying to the judge about.

Question to Ike Clanton, page 113, Turner
(Q) Did you not before you reached Allen Street, (Ike is running from the fight at this point) draw from your person and throw on the ground, a loaded pistol that you had procured from the gun shop on Fourth Street?
(A) No sir. I had procured no pistol from the gun shop or no other place after I was disarmed by Virgil Earp.

Better answer =same thing with this add on) “and you will not be producing any evidence from the gun shop that I procured a gun from them as you continue to lie via implication to the judge.

Is this just typical lawyer lack of ethics and honesty or is Fitch especially crooked? Ask KtK about a famous California case where Fitch's lack of ethics was really shown off well.

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    • lawyers defending scum bagsK.t.K., Fri Aug 30 09:28
      Not only Tom Fitch, but his kid brother - HONORABLE Francis Fitch Esq. - could get a murderer and bunko-man off scot-free. For instance one of the notorious Creek brothers at Durango: "A Gamblers... more
      • Re: lawyers defending scum bagsBob Cash, Fri Aug 30 11:52
        Kenny, could gambler, bunco man C. L. Creek possibly the who Robert Wright was referring to as Doc Holliday's partner in hid book about Dodge City?
        • No, that was his brother...K.t.K., Fri Aug 30 12:38
          ...F. D. Creek, four years younger. Compared to Charles, Floyd aspired to the highest levels of bunko. Beginning about 1869 (ages about 24 & 29) hey had a gang working the Fort Scott depot fleecing... more
      • Re: lawyers defending scum bagsDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 30 11:09
        Gary, it's always struck me that three kinds of defendants need an attorney, the innocent, the guilty, and those who are not quite sure. :-) Dan
    • Lack of Stuff?Gary Roberts, Fri Aug 30 08:39
      Tom, I'm not sure what your problem is with Fitch's questions. His job was to raise doubts about the prosecution's case by impugning the testimony of the prosecution's witness (and using some other... more
      • Welcome back Gary. (nm)Peter Brand, Sat Aug 31 18:56
      • P.S.Tom Gaumer, Fri Aug 30 22:56
        Gary "Tom, I'm not sure what your problem is with Fitch's questions. His job was to raise doubts about the prosecution's case by impugning the testimony of the prosecution's witness (and using some... more
        • "What kind of pistol?"Steve Gatto, Sat Aug 31 05:24
          Tom, One of my favorite examples of clairvoyance between Fitch (presumably it was Fitch asking the questions) and a witness occurs in Hatch's testimony when describing Doc's pistol: "Q. What... more
          • This can get a little complicated--Yes?Tom Gaumer, Sat Aug 31 12:27
            Howdy Steve With contradictory information it is hard to understand what was going on. The question of Doc's armament and how he used it is a tough one. Fitch would not give up on a story he found... more
        • Are you serious?Jeff Morey, Sat Aug 31 02:40
          Tom, Are you being serious? Do you actually believe that Thomas Fitch was wickedly trying to hoodwink Wells Spicer by posing the questions you cited? I swear, sometimes I think you have lost your... more
          • Senses! I don't have no stinking senses!!Tom Gaumer, Sat Aug 31 13:22
            Jeff I think the lying Fitch was using is usually used in cases where a jury is present in hopes of poisoning the thinking of a least one to get a not guilty. Can also be used to undermine a witness... more
      • “Provables”?Jeff Morey, Fri Aug 30 14:53
        Gary, It’s good to see you back on this Forum. I don’t know what to make of the question to Billy Claiborne asking if he “enjoyed” watching the gunfight. It’s hard to understand why the Prosecution... more
      • Gary, Gary, Gary - Since You and I have neverTom Gaumer, Fri Aug 30 13:02
        Gary met or communicated before I can understand why you might be unaware of the existence of a red tail and black horns protruding from myself. Had you that knowledge you might be more sure of which ... more
        • Fitch's legal skillsGary Roberts, Sun Sep 8 14:19
          Tom, I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. Nor do I claim to be an expert on legal history or Tom Fitch. But I continue to be troubled by your concept of legal practice and what you call "lies." ... more
          • Fitch ethical/lying problems and legal skillThomas Gaumer, Mon Sep 9 00:54
            Now, you may have a record of Fitch's lack of character, dedication to winning at any cost, and lying, but, though controversial at times, I have not seen the case made. And I disagree that the... more
            • Hell, TomGary Roberts, Wed Sep 11 13:13
              I've been trying to figure out this bloody half-minute since 1957. It hardly seems worth the effort, looking back, but I don't regret it. I'm tramped the streets of Tombstone figuratively for all... more
              • Hell GaryThomas Gaumer, Thu Sep 12 12:34
                I don't expect to figure it out, having gone from one view to another and back again several times. However there is one thing I am sure about Everyone agrees that Gary Roberts is someone we should... more
          • so I have no reason to respond to your biography of Fitch as a well known and famous and accomplished man and will skip that. I also used the word lie to focus on the issues, apparently it worked... more
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