Daniel Buck
Re: lawyers defending scum bags
Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:09

it's always struck me that three kinds of defendants need an attorney, the innocent, the guilty, and those who are not quite sure. :-) Dan

  • lawyers defending scum bagsK.t.K., Fri Aug 30 09:28
    Not only Tom Fitch, but his kid brother - HONORABLE Francis Fitch Esq. - could get a murderer and bunko-man off scot-free. For instance one of the notorious Creek brothers at Durango: "A Gamblers... more
    • Re: lawyers defending scum bagsBob Cash, Fri Aug 30 11:52
      Kenny, could gambler, bunco man C. L. Creek possibly the who Robert Wright was referring to as Doc Holliday's partner in hid book about Dodge City?
      • No, that was his brother...K.t.K., Fri Aug 30 12:38
        ...F. D. Creek, four years younger. Compared to Charles, Floyd aspired to the highest levels of bunko. Beginning about 1869 (ages about 24 & 29) hey had a gang working the Fort Scott depot fleecing... more
    • Re: lawyers defending scum bags — Daniel Buck, Fri Aug 30 11:09
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